Tuesday, September 8th 2009

Lexar Media Intros Crucial DDR3 Kits for New Intel Platform

Coinciding with Intel's launch of socket LGA-1156 Core i5/Core i7 processors, Lexar Media announced four Crucial DDR3 memory kits certified to work with the new platform. The four are dressed in Crucial's vanilla design that makes use of green PCBs sans heatspreaders, which may not be required considering the low voltage these modules operate on.

Coming as 2 GB (2x 1 GB) and 4 GB (2x 2 GB) capacities, the new kits in ECC and non-ECC variants. All four operate at 1333 MHz, with CAS latency of 9T, and DRAM voltage of 1.5 V. Backed by lifetime warranties, the 2 GB kits sell for 37 EUR, while the 4 GB ones for 95 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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3 Comments on Lexar Media Intros Crucial DDR3 Kits for New Intel Platform

1.5v! awesome!

now why the hell does 1.65v ram get advertised as low voltage, and this isnt?!?
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Because Crucial saves their marketing monies for their Ballistix line.
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
these are identical to all the other cheap crucial ddr3.

im quite sure they have the same ICs as the kits i have reccomended for months.

they clock just as well as the expensive flashy ddr3 and are half the price.

these are D9JNL or D9KPL, single sided for 1gb sticks and dual sided for 2gb sticks.

nothing "NEW" here. just a different programmed SPD.
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