Monday, July 19th 2010

GeIL Announces Value PLUS and Ultra PLUS Memory Modules

GeIL announces the launch of the all new DDR3 Value PLUS & Ultra PLUS Series to be added to GeILs’ high performance memory line of products. The Value PLUS & Ultra PLUS are equipped with the latest PLUS Edition memory heat-spreader designed with heat-sink surface and extended height for maximum cooling efficiency. The Ultra PLUS line of memory will be carrying over-clocking performance while the Value PLUS line has the more stability-oriented specifications. As GeILs’ quality standard, both series will be enhanced with DBT – Die-hard Burn-in Technology for the highest quality assurance.
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4 Comments on GeIL Announces Value PLUS and Ultra PLUS Memory Modules

Editor & Senior Moderator
Awaiting full specs and price.
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Bird of Prey
These are perfect for those Best Buy/Walmart pcs. Also, if I were a bad Uncle Id put these in my nephews pc instead of the GSkill I have in there now. LOL. Thanks BTA
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That's a balls-up.

Seriously, even if you are looking for a value (read "cheap") product, you don't want the word "value" stamped on the side of it!
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Sweet stuff! Glad to see memory prices going down. Good thing I sold most of my RAM. :)
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