Wednesday, August 25th 2010

Huntkey Announces X7 Series 1200W Power Supply

Together with such well-known PC hardware brands like GYGABYTE, ATI, Geil, Aerocool and Enermax, Huntkey Enterprise Group sponsors the Futuremark Global Overclocking Competition - GIGABYTE OVERHAULING 2010. As the unique authorized power supply sponsor for the Futuremark Global Overclocking Competition -- GYGABYTE OVERHAULING, Huntkey Enterprise Group removed the cover from its Huntkey X7 1200W power supply, which is dedicated to game, DIY and overclocking enthusiasts worldwide. "This is our first time to unveil X7 1200W PSU worldwide," Villa Li, Huntkey Product Manager said.

The Huntkey X7 1200W power supply supports the latest hardware configuration with high high-performance graphic cards under the Microsoft Window7 OS and fully complies with the latest industrial standards EPS12V Version 2.92 and Intel ATX12V Version 2.3. Four advanced technologies: Phase-shifted Full-bridge, Interleaved PFC, Synchronous Rectification and DC to DC Module, allows for higher efficiency, more stability and smooth operations. The 1200W rated continuous power and six +12V rails with cable management design provides superior performance.

"We believe this power supply will impress lots of PC enthusiasts," Villa Li also said. Now the contest will end in 18 days. With two weeks passed, the GYGABYTE OVERHAULING competition has hotted up and attracted numerous OC fans worldwide to participate, with the scores continuously updated.

To let more people experience the Huntkey power supply for free, Huntkey officially announced the online event site as well. By answering three simple questions, visitors will have a chance to win free gifts from Huntkey, including X71200W Power Supply, X7 900W Power Supply, and JUMPER 550W Power Supply.

For more information about the Huntkey X7 1200W, visit the product page.
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by: Bloodcrazz
ok at stock the system pulls 111w lets say the cpu is pulling nothing
overclocked only the cpu under 100% load it pulls 440w
thats 330w at the wall
psu there using is Enermax Liberty 620 W
which would 80% efficient
80% of 330w is about 270w i think
that 80% doesn't mean it's only capable of putting out up to 80% of that rail, it means of the power it takes the PSU to keep the PC running 20% of it is consumed/wasted. I guess it's actually using 120% of what the PC really needs.
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I'd really like to hear what you guys think of Huntkeys, because my friends have a couple, but haven't been able to judge how good they are.
From what I know, they are quite competitively priced, but I'm not sure in the way of quality.
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The Huntkey is also the Rocketfish brand for Best Buy. I do know that their 900 Watt version of a PSU isn't a bad. I own one because Best Buy had a sale where they reduced the price from $159.00 to $129.00. It's a Silver Plus certified PSU:toast:. I just finished a build a couple of months ago and it powers an i7 930 OC to 4.1 GHZ on a GIgabyte X58-UD3R MoBo -stable for 6 hours using Prime95, Corsair H50, 6GB of OCZ 1600 DDR3 RAM, two HIS 5870s CF, two cold cathodes, (2) 240mm fans, (4) 120m fans, NZXT Fan Controller, and an ASUS DVD player.
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