Friday, September 24th 2010

AMD Readies Two Fusion ''Zacate'' Models for Q1 2011

At least two new Fusion APU models based on the "Zacate" silicon are slated for Q1 2011. The Fusion "Zacate" processors are meant for ultra-portables, nettops, and SFF PCs, with a small TDP of 18W, an even lower-power version codenamed "Ontario" is being worked on, with a TDP of 9W. The first two Zacate chips include Fusion E240 single-core, and Fusion E350 dual-core. These chips are based on the Bobcat architecture, and pack DirectX 11 compliant IGPs with UVD 3.0, a single-channel DDR3 memory controller. The platform release will include the supportive Hudson D1 chipset.
Source: X-bit Labs, Image Courtesy:
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26 Comments on AMD Readies Two Fusion ''Zacate'' Models for Q1 2011

Wile E
Power User
Already looked at that. Doesn't mean the client is reporting everything correctly.

I was originally under the impression that he tested both platforms first hand. Then I clicked on testing to look at the other machines logged, and noticed they were all AMD, meaning that it was some offhand comparison, and that they didn't have the Atom in hand.

They aren't even using the same clients or OS. I'd like to see a more controlled comparison, with more benchmarks, tbh. That one leaves much to be desired. One benchmark doesn't really prove much. If you remember, AMD was showing off benchmarks that had them beating Core 2 with the Phenom I before it's release. We saw how that turned out.

Not to mention, platform wide power consumption has yet to be mentioned, which is important in this segment.

I'll wait for more numbers to roll in before I judge anything.
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