Thursday, February 10th 2011

Thermaltake Announces Toughpower Grand 850W, 1050W, and 1200W Models

Thermaltake Technology, leading DIY computer components and power supply brand, today announced the latest addition to the popular and award winning Toughpower Grand line of high-end PC power supply units, the Toughpower Grand in 850W, 1050W and 1200W versions. With this expansion into higher wattage segments, Thermaltake’s flagship power supplies are now also catering to power-users and demanding eSports athletes whose gaming rigs are typically equipped with multiple graphics cards and multi-core CPUs.

To run even up to quadruple-SLI/CrossFireX setups, the Toughpower Grand 1050W and 1200W units utilize two massive +12V rails, thereby effectively avoiding any potential voltage fluctuation and maximizing overall system stability in a mission-critical environment. Being 80 PLUS Gold certified users don’t just get a guaranteed eco-friendly PSU with more than 93% efficiency at 50% load and a 0.95 active power factor correction (PFC), but the electricity bill will noticeably drop as well.
For demanding setups and applications, industrial-grade components are indispensible and are being tested 24/7 at 50°C to ensure utmost stability and long-term reliability. The Japanese made and solid state capacitors withstand up to at least 105°C of heat serving as robust foundation for the Toughpower Grand Series. Additional DC-to-DC converter modules for +3.3V and +5V rails ensure low A/C ripple and great system stability. To further increase power efficiency as well as to reduce heat to a minimum, the Toughpower Grand series also incorporate an ultra durable 3 oz PCB design. Applying this PCB production process allows the electric current to flow with less resistance which in turn means less power loss and therefore less heat as well.

The unique FanDelayCool feature enables the flower shape 14cm fan to keep running 15-30 seconds after system shutdown to prolong the lifetime of PSU components.

Two sets of anti-vibration gaskets add to the Toughpower Grand’s overall silence-promisions, while a convenient cable bag keeps the currently unneeded cables in order. With sufficient mounting screws and cable straps you ready to set up your high-end rig with a mighty power supply that stands for best power efficiency and exceptional reliability.
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6 Comments on Thermaltake Announces Toughpower Grand 850W, 1050W, and 1200W Models

It looks nice. Clean and simple. Not sure on that fan though. Hows that design work out? Curious to see what all the specs are i.e. cable length, type and how many connectors are there, fully modular?

Being for high end gaming systems, I bet there's still like two floppy connectors. lol

If anyone's interested 750w specs/pics
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I like the rounded edges. Simple way to set it apart stylistically from all the rest.
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It's really a time to make 90+ ratings for PSU's... These 80+ look weird when PSU's go above 90% efficiency easily these days.
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i'm interested to see what someone like johnnyguru makes of these
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where the hell are my stars
Mussels said:
i'm interested to see what someone like johnnyguru makes of these
he has been happy with all of the other CWT built toughpowers i would assume this one was the same
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