Monday, September 19th 2011

Intel Slip Up Discloses Core i7-2700K

A slip-up by Intel revealed its next high-performance socket LGA1155 processor, the Core i7-2700K. The box part product code of the new chip was disclosed in the latest material deceleration datasheet (MDS) document, as BX80623I72700K, carrying the spec code SR0DG. From the given product code, one can deduce the SKU as Core i7-2700K. No other specifications were given out, but given that Core i5 2000 and Core i7 2000 quad-core models are spaced out in steps of 100 MHz, one can only guess that the i7-2700K carries a clock speed of 3.50 GHz, with 3.90 GHz Turbo Boost. In all likelihood, the release of this new chip could be timed to coincide with AMD FX 8150, displacing the Core i7-2600K from its existing price-point, and making the 2600K compete with the FX-8150 at a more competitive price.

Source: CPU World
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OH, I have such a headache
[H]@RD5TUFF said:
Unlike AMD Intel has been very forthcoming with upgrade details, which is much appreciated!
Funny isn't it . I feel like AMD has been :nutkick: with all there PR stunts and tight lips and delays ! :nutkick::nutkick::nutkick::nutkick:
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First, I think that it's more likely that the "slip-up" has nothing to do with any concrete knowledge Intel may have about Bulldozer.
If you look at the the planned release of Bulldozer with the expanded cpu line, it's obvious that there's some tailoring being done to pit them against current Intel offerings. The FX-4170 looks to me to be designed for competition with the i5-2500K. That's only based on what it looks like AMD is doing... even if Intel knows something, they don't need to know something in order to try to steal some market share from the upcoming AMD offerings. Everything else commented upon is irrelevant.
It's all about making sure they don't lose market share in the mid-range performance cpu market.

Second, comments denigrating AMD and AMD users, or comments about how AMD is 'dropping the ball' by not competing at the high end, just don't make any objective sense. There's no point in responding that way. It's quite obvious that AMD made the conscious choice to not compete with Intel in the high end desktop market. And it's quite obvious why they did it: they can't compete with a much larger company in that way, unless that company makes serious errors with their processor architecture (ala Netburst of the late 90s and early 2000s). Also, the vast majority of the money made from cpu sales, for both Intel and AMD, is in low to mid-range processors, that's where hundreds of millions of cpus are sold every year, not in ultra high end 'Extreme' range processors. AMD isn't losing money boys, it seems they made the right decisions. No point harping on what they don't make anymore, either from the Intel-fan side or the AMD-fan side.

The i7-2700K is simply tactics; it's how Intel and AMD compete in the low to mid-range. And that's what the i7-2700K is... an upper mid-range processor. That's it, that's reality. Enjoy.
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