Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

GIGABYTE Unveils New Version 3D BIOS with Dual UEFI BIOS Setup Program

GIGABYTE arrived late to the UEFI party, sticking to AwardBIOS workaround like HybridEFI, but when it did, it did with a bang. The company launched its socket LGA2011 motherboard lineup with 3D BIOS, a firmware setup program that takes advantage of several GUI elements that are lacking in many of the competitors' graphical UEFI BIOS setup programs. GIGABYTE launched a newer version of its 3D BIOS setup program, which features a more polished, function-oriented user-interface.

To begin with, the true-color 3D image of the motherboard is replaced by a single solid-color 3D render of the board, so the focus of the user is on components that can be configured, rather than useless visual details. Like with the older version, configurable components on the 3D render can be clicked, to pop-up relevant config pages. The 3D render can be "viewed" from different angles, bringing into perspective the various configurable components.

Apart from an "Advanced" setup icon, there are icons on the dock for several basic configuration pages, such as boot order, fan, time, and defaults. On the top-right corner, there is an overlay that gives you a real-time heads-up on things such as clock speeds. It's unclear how GIGABYTE will distribute this new setup program. One possibility is that GIGABYTE could make it exclusive for upcoming 7-series chipset motherboards; the other possibility is that it could offer it as a BIOS update for existing UEFI motherboards, such as those from the LGA2011 family, and some current-generation LGA1155 G1.Killer motherboards that feature UEFI.

Watch GIGABYTE's video presentation of the new 3D BIOS below.
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8 Comments on GIGABYTE Unveils New Version 3D BIOS with Dual UEFI BIOS Setup Program

Um... they should also add kinect support so this bios UI would react to gestures plus they should add real 3d support (projection of the motherboard as holography in midair). Ah and yeah don't forget sound effects

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that 3d gui thing looks like nothing but a gimmick
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It looks good :)
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When going to bios, I like to set up stuff as quick as possible not to admire isometric crap, and loose time by searching where the features are...
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For all the haters out there, they have a normal 2D UI that's really fast and slick to use, so if you don't like the 3D UI, a simple press of a key on your keyboard will solve that problem.
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Steven B
hey you know that GIGABYTE isn't using AWARD anymore, they are using AMI.
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Sounds nice but when i buy a board i look at the build quality n reviews of it. Bios/UEFI/3D bios is least of worry as long as it has plenty of tweaking options. Ive only dealt with AsRocks on the 970FX Extreme 4 board. It felt choppy at times but it worked as advertised
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