Thursday, June 14th 2012

Huntkey Introducing Military Camouflage Hardware Combo

Huntkey, professional power supply, PC chassis and accessory provider, is introducing a military camouflage hardware combo targeting gamers with a true military spirit. The FX600 600W 80 Plus Platinum certified PC power supply, is supporting high-end setups with multiple-graphics, and AMD as well as Intel CPUs. All cables have a special sleeving, so your hardware won’t be scratched during installation or upgrade. With its high efficiency certification, heat-dissipation as well as noise development are keep to an absolute minimum.

The upcoming military camouflage mid-tower fits exactly the style of the FX600, making them a perfect match for gamers. The front is not only sturdy, but also ideal for ventilation. On the top we find 2x 2.0 USB and 1x USB 3.0 connector. The bigger power on/off button and the smaller reset buttons are distinguished. On top we also implanted a tray for portable disk, CDs, recharging your cell phone or other things you want close by.

The side panel offers sufficient room to install up to 2x additional 12 cm fans to support graphics cards air circulation and cooling. On the back up to 7 PCI cards can been installed.

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13 Comments on Huntkey Introducing Military Camouflage Hardware Combo

Yes, that is exactly what i've been waiting for! Because you never know when you have to carry a massive tower PC case on your field mission :rolleyes:
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Where is the sexy lady from the picture? This is not gonna work like this =]
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*Looks at dull black Storm Sniper*
*Remembers box of spray paints used for models*
*Thinks sinister thoughts*
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that camo looks pretty nice
too bad it has no side window
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Huntkey can also sent suicidal power supplies to the field to explode on enemies.
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I like camo color scheme, but not because it's military connotation, it just looks nice :-/
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Señor Moderator
Putting the PC under your desk is a better way to camouflage it.
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For those redneck gamers its perfect!!!

And yes there are redneck gamers out there since I just sold my GTX 570s to one of them!
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by: btarunr
... camouflage hardware combo targeting gamers ... military camouflage ... a perfect match for gamers.
I can't help but think that this kind of stuff would be wildly popular with the hunters and rednecks around these parts where I live (south-central US). Hell, stick one of those obnoxious duck stickers on the side and it would resemble some pickups I get stuck behind in traffic. I get the feeling sometimes that asian companies think gamer means a drooling CoD/BF3/Halo nut who wishes he was a Seal/Green Beret. The army is using digital camo these days anyway.
For those redneck gamers its perfect!!!

And yes there are redneck gamers out there since I just sold my GTX 570s to one of them!
edit: took the words out of my mouth
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Big Member
Needs a Realtree version before I buy one. Right now it looks like a N. Korean soldier from Crysis glitched out into a small box with that crappy camo.
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For some reason the first thing to come mind when I saw that PSU is a forest fire. Camo + explosive PSU... :D

e: Yeah please don't buy PSUs from this brand. They are absolute POS. Google some and...
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