Tuesday, July 17th 2012

Infortrend Announces EonNAS Pro and 1000 Series NAS Servers

Infortrend today announced the North American availability of two new product lines in its EonNAS family of unified storage solutions, the EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 Series. Although NAS is fast becoming the storage solution of choice for the SOHO and SMB markets, when it comes to data protection, current offerings from other brands come up short. Infortrend's new EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 Series, running on ZFS file system fill this void by offering an unprecedented collection of advanced data protection features -- including data deduplication, corrupt data self-healing, snapshot and pool mirror -- bringing enterprise-level data protection and storage features to the SOHO and SMB markets.

Simple to deploy and use, Infortrend's new solutions feature comprehensive protocol support to enable users to serve file-based and block-based applications with a single device and achieve easy file sharing among Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix workstations in the office.
Data deduplication can benefit a great number of applications, in particular backup and virtualization applications. With storage space savings of up to 90 percent, the technology enables users to achieve significant cost reductions. Resource utilization on EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 systems is further enhanced by thin provisioning technology and data compression.

Corrupt data self-healing is initiated when the EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 series identifies the wrong data in RAID configuration, identifies the correct data, repairs then returns the correct data. In addition to corrupt data self-healing, data is protected by many other features. Snapshots offer space-efficient differential data copies to quickly rollback data or restore files in the event of data errors. With remote replication, users can replicate data in asynchronous mode to another EonNAS Pro or EonNAS 1000 system or third-party device, while the pool mirror function allows users to keep data in two different EonNAS Pro or EonNAS 1000 systems fully synced at all times.

Various data backup options are also available. PC data can be backed up to the EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 systems through third-party backup software support, while EonNAS data can be backed up to external disk drives via USB or eSATA connections.

The superior performance levels offered by the EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 systems ensure that users can efficiently deal with demanding applications. For each network protocol, the EonNAS solutions deliver performance of more than 100MB/s, and in FTP environments, users can achieve up to 180MB/s.

William Chen, director of the EonNAS product line for Infortrend, noted, "The unprecedented collection of advanced data protection features available on the new systems is what truly sets them apart. The EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 Series are designed to bridge the gap that exists between high end enterprise NAS offerings and what had been available up until now for SOHO and SMB users. Infortrend is bringing something different to these users -- data protection features that previously were only seen in enterprise solutions -- at a price point designed for smaller budgets."

The EonNAS Pro Series offers 2-, 4-, 5-, and 8-bay tower systems that can be set up in minutes and are extremely easy to manage. The EonNAS 1000 Series features 4-, 8- and 12-bay systems with an industry-standard 1U and 2U rack mount form factors. The new models round out Infortrend's comprehensive family of NAS offerings, which also includes the EonNAS 3000 Series -- designed for SMBs, remote/branch offices and enterprise departments -- and the EonNAS 5000 Series, which enables enterprises to efficiently deal with file- and block-based applications.
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