Friday, August 30th 2013

Koolance Launches Three New Multipurpose Cold Plates

Designed with industrial applications in mind, these new general-purpose cold plates from Koolance could prove quite useful for creative modders and liquid cooling enthusiasts. The plates feature a flexible mounting system that can accommodate a wide variety of applications such as LED arrays, Peltier elements, image sensors and specialized semiconductor cooling. The materials used are nickel plated copper (for the base), nickel plated brass (for the top) and EPDM for the o-ring. The plates come in three different sizes, 25mm x 25mm (PLT-UN25F), 40mm x 40mm (PLT-UN40F) and 50mm x 50mm (PLT-UN50F); pricing starts at $63 for the PLT-UN25F and goes up to $78 for the PLT-UN50F. All models make use a 0.5mm microfin internal structure.
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2 Comments on Koolance Launches Three New Multipurpose Cold Plates

Farmer Boe
Looks like those would be nice to cool some raid cards.
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Nice to hawe som options open ! Ty
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