Sunday, October 27th 2013

GeForce GTX 780 Ti Designed to be Faster than GTX TITAN?

Given that Radeon R9 290X trades blows with the $1000 GeForce GTX TITAN at just 55 percent its price, the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, which NVIDIA teased just ahead of AMD's launch, had to be one of two things - cheaper than the GTX 780, or faster than the GTX TITAN, or end up a futile maneuver for NVIDIA. It turns out the chip will be the latter. Leaked 3DMark 11 scores posted on XtremeSystem claim that the GTX 780 Ti will be at least 5 percent faster than the GTX TITAN in the test, and so NVIDIA is aiming to make the chip a faster alternative to the GTX TITAN. What remains to be seen is if displaces the $1000 GTX TITAN, or the $650 GTX 780 from the product stack.
Source: XtremeSystems Forums, via VideoCardz
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Good cooling helps, but it was quite well known that their power delivery area was anemic at best and there have been known deaths at quite low voltages.
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by: nem
I also saw a rumor that Nvidea is preparing the ULTRA TITAN fully unlocked GK110 GPU with 2880 CUDA Cores as using the Quadro K6000 :eek:

So can be posible what the GTX780 can be more poweful what the TITAN core:wtf:

Rumors Titan ULTRA

Geforce GTX Titan Ultra XTX Platinum Black Edition KO :roll:
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That doesnt look right? :rolleyes:

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by: FX-GMC
If you are referring to the results in the first post, that is 3dmark 11 and you posted 3dmark Fire Strike scores.
Oh.My bad
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[XC] Oj101
This card will indeed beat the GTX TITAN. It's had a nice CUDA core count increase, and faster memory. It overclocks nicely as well, the extra cores haven't killed the headroom. 3DMark11 scores of P17K with a stock-clocked card? ;)

By the way, this is (what was previously known as) TITAN Ultra.
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