Tuesday, February 25th 2014

Seagate Announces 7th Generation Surveillence HDD

Seagate Technology plc., a world leader in storage solutions, today took the wraps off its seventh-generation hard drive disk (HDD) engineered specifically for surveillance and video analytics applications- the Seagate Surveillance HDD. The Surveillance HDD is a world-class HDD purpose-built for storing and accessing video analytics, improving data integrity and keeping systems in the field longer.

"There is a growing need to analyze and make use of large amounts of video data, including applications where cities can predict and improve traffic flows, airports can reduce wait times, and emergency responders can react faster- the possibilities are endless," said Scott Horn, Seagate vice president of marketing. "We pioneered this market more than a decade ago, delivering the world's first surveillance HDD, and can leverage our vast knowledge of this technology and market to provide our customers with the optimal solution for recording and accessing surveillance data."

A 3.5-inch drive, the Surveillance HDD is available in capacities up to 4TB and can store up to 480 hours of high-definition (HD) content making it the industry's highest-capacity drive designed specifically for surveillance applications. Designed to scale video storage, the drive now incorporates rotational vibration (RV) sensors enabling it to reliably perform in systems with up to 16 drives, making it ideal for small-to-medium businesses such as casinos or manufacturing plants where bulk storage for HD video and video analytics are highly valued.

"We look forward to adopting Seagate's new surveillance optimized drives with improved performance and reliability," said Jeff Range, vice president of global operations at March Networks. "The Surveillance HDD, with its high capacity drive and robust features, will provide our customers with the critical reliability we have come to expect from Seagate as well as the expanded storage and ability to save data for even longer periods."

Designed to support surveillance recordings from a number of cameras no matter their resolution requirements, Surveillance HDD supports up to 32 channels and easily handles the higher write workloads required by surveillance systems. It also supports the flexibility required to scale a surveillance solution, supporting more data for longer periods of time and meeting industry archive and resolution requirements. These features, coupled with the integrated R/V sensors, improve drive performance in multi-drive and RAID systems and increase the value of surveillance data by delivering the highest data integrity possible.

"We have enjoyed great success with Seagate drives for years and see even greater potential with the Surveillance HDD particularly in the network video recording space," said Zheng Weirong, marketing director of Hikvision. "With more options to stream and consolidate video footage into a single solution, this new drive allows us to improve the size and capacity of our systems without compromising system reliability."

The drive's improved time-to-read system allows installers to customize power settings and better support motion-activated cameras - ensuring their customers never miss a frame. Drives spin down for energy-saving efficiency when no motions are detected by cameras, while quickly powering back up to ensure a frame is never missed when a motion-sensing camera is triggered.

Boasting industry-leading reliability, the Surveillance HDD has a 1 million hour MTBF, (mean time between failure) allowing the product to be kept in the field longer while reducing the cost of field deployment and maintaining customer retention. The drive is also engineered for low power consumption and heat emissions allowing solution providers greater design flexibility.

For more information on the Seagate Surveillance HDD please visit this page.
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1mill hours are 114 years, is that right?

I've been using a regular 750GB Barracuda for a 16 camera setup for 5 years and counting, but a MTBF of >100 years is somewhat hard to believe, not to say dificult to verify. :laugh:
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They should call it NSA edition
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by: Drone
They should call it NSA edition
The NSA saw that coming and shot down the idea. :p
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... a MTBF of >100 years is somewhat hard to believe, not to say dificult to verify. :laugh:
Well, lets assume that the mechanical part is flawless and has that advertised MTBF. Few years ago (maybe 10 :) ) Intel published life expectancy of their 180nm CPU-s. It was at ~30 years. I would expect that Marvel SoC , used as controller is made on thinner process. So it will have less than 30 years of MTBF. Flash memory is also used for HDD BIOS and it will reduce MTBF further.
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