Tuesday, March 20th 2007

Gnome 2.18 released on schedule

Linux/Unix (*nix) users have probably heard all about Gnome by now. Gnome is a window manager for the X Window system. Window managers allow *nix users that would otherwise be looking at command line or the rather bland X Windows system to use something much more elegant, which may even surpass Windows or Macintosh's various window managers in functionality, efficiency, and beauty. Back to Gnome. The makers of Gnome have ensured that they would stay on a timetable for releases, and 2.18 rolled out just in time. Gnome 2.18 adds a laptop power manager for mobile users, improves window managing between two windows, and vastly improves security. If you're really interested in all the changes from the previous version of Gnome, you can read the full release notes here.

Those of you using *nix (such as the techPowerUp! FreeBSD club) who enjoy the clean Gnome environment can download the latest version here.Source: Nordic Hardware
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Bird of Prey
anyone using previous versions of this that can comment on it?
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
gnome is alright. a lot of people looking forward to this new release. however kde is coming out with its brand new version soon and that should be a superior gui.

FYI for my freebsd users, the port has already been updated so you can install directly from ports instead of manually download, tar zxvf yadda yadda yadda
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by: WarEagleAU
anyone using previous versions of this that can comment on it?
I'm using 2.16 at the moment. The desktop itself is great - polished, simple and functional, but the applications leave something to be desired. I tend to use Qt apps (Qt = the toolkit that KDE uses).

It's a pity really. On one hand we have a polished, functional desktop, and on the other hand we have a complete, but really unpolished desktop (KDE).

I'm looking forward to KDE4, which promises to be more intuitive, as well as adding hardware acceleration to the Window manager. I'm also hoping that GNOME 2.18 hits Portage relatively soon.
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