Friday, May 18th 2007

No Blu-ray Support for Xbox 360 - Confirmed

Just want to clear up a few things surrounding several erroneous stories regarding alleged comments from Peter Moore about Xbox 360 supporting Blu-ray. Simply put...These reports are completely incorrect.
Some online media outlets have picked up this story and are citing Internet speculation of an alleged Associated Press story that does not exist, along with comments taken out of context from a story in ITmedia that appeared back in January. This information is being reported as news and as a result of a recent interview, neither of which are true.
said Microsoft VP Peter Moore. The software giant remains "fully committed" to HD DVD and current reports indicating that Microsoft has a back-up plan which includes Blu-ray support are incorrect.Source: Gamerscore Blog
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6 Comments on No Blu-ray Support for Xbox 360 - Confirmed

Can you blame them? How silly it would be. :laugh:
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lol blatant story posted by Sony in order to maek people think that HD-DVD had lost...
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Bird of Prey
make sense as microsoft is a huge backer of the HD-DVD format. wouldnt make sense for them to back Blu-Ray.
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I hope no one expected Microsoft to pay Sony for Blu-ray technology (and licensing), or for Sony to accept the agreement.

It would make sense for either party's consoles to support both, because it potentially would sell more units, but from a competition standpoint, neither company wants to support the other in any way.
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My stars went supernova
It's not like Sony runs Vista or XP on their machines either.....
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