Tuesday, June 19th 2007

Ken Kutaragi leaves Sony

Often labelled as being the ‘father of PlayStation’, the chief architect of Sony’s successful line of consoles has now stepped down from his position as Sony Computer Entertainment’s chairman and group chief executive. The job has been passed on to Kazuo Hirai, SCE’s former president (who had already relieved Kutaragi of most of his day-to-day responsibilities last year), after Kutaragi announced his intention to retire in April. Kutaragi faced numerous problems during the production of the PS3, including shortages and extremely high manufacturing costs, and once the console was released it faced unexpectedly fierce competition from Nintendo’s Wii, resulting in Sony achieving less than 50% of its target for PS3 shipments by March 31st this year. According to SCE, Kutaragi will continue to hold an advisory post for the company’s gaming unit, although his involvement will certainly be much less than before.Source: Yahoo! News
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Kutaragi will continue to hold an advisory post for the company’s gaming unit
The best advice for SONY is to write down Kutaragi's advice, and do the opposite! LOL

Kutaragi committed corporate seppuku with his PR nonsense and marketing arrogance over the last 24 months. It's a lesson to us all though... get lucky twice, get cocky third time and be blind to the market!
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Bird of Prey
Really, in my eyes, up until the PS3, Kutaragi had done everything right with Sony and its Entertainment and Gaming arm. Sad day really, but I hope they at least take some of his advice to heart.
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Sony no doubt had a marketing strategy from day one to position its Playstation brand as the prestige must have item in the gaming industry but as per usual when the need to make money overtakes everything else they really forgot about the gamers themselves but no doubt when the price falls considerably a lot of people may choose to invest in the ps3 console.
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I think Ken know what is doing i trust him and i'll wait till sony rulz again...
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should of choosen DVD over blu-ray, silly boy!
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If my company lost a billion beacuse of one man's decisions, I'd fire his ass too.
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Jimmy 2004
Wow... so many nerds gamers in one line... hope they had a lot of Wiis.
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