Wednesday, July 11th 2007

Windows Live OneCare 2.0 Beta

Microsoft just released the beta version of the new Windows Live OneCare 2.0, its anti-malware and general windows maintenance software kit.
The updated version adds support for monitoring the status of other PCs on a home/corporate network, as well as an updated firewall that has an Auto-Adjust settings mode depending on the network along with 64bit support.
Windows Live OneCare is offered as a subscription service for $49.95 USD per year.

Live OneCare Site
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Bird of Prey
While I commend windows on adding a software package like this, I just dont see paying that kind of money a year for it.
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i was thinking damn that sounds good well done MS until i heard the word pay :shadedshu not interested now thanks, i have zonealarm and grisoft avg w/ spybot s+d why pay more ?
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MS needs to find a way for users to pay for fixing its security holes! LOL
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No thanks........i have ZA Suite with Spybot + Ad- Aware and i am in no need of such thing. Though it is a good thing that Microsoft came up with their own product but $50 per year.......nah thanks I'll pass. :(
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onecare is for noobs and grandma's who get tricked into buying it by a Best Buy sales associate.
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is this replacing windows defender?
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Ehstii said:
is this replacing windows defender?
i don't think so

onecare is more of a general security and maintenance suite (antivirus, better firewall, backup, etc)

although its worth nowhere near the pricetag they want for it

there are numerous free products on the market which are far superior in performance and protection

I'll stick with my winning combination thus far: NOD32, Comodo, Spybot, SpywareBlaster
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I use Live OneCare (no-beta version) from time to time, but i just use the scanner so i don't have to pay for it. Though after the scan is finished they do try to sell it to me by offering a 90 day trial. It's a decent utility which sometimes finds things that other programs don't so i'm cool with it.
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