Wednesday, July 18th 2007

LG Releases LG-KH1400

The LG-KH1400 T-DMB HSDPA phone got the green light for release in the korean market and has a wide array of interesting features other than its awesome appearence. Using its Bluetooth connectivity, you are able to watch DMB through a wireless headset. The handset supports video call, music player and an optical sensor called Digital Eye with which it controls LCD brightness. The Time Machine feature allows users to watch connectively their missed DMB during phone calls and it also offers pc-out function with which users to enjoy the DMB via their notebook pc.

Featuring 2.2-inch LCD and swing type design, it supports 3.6Mbps transmission speed enabling users to download 3MB mp3 file in 7-seconds and 40MB music video in 90-seconds.
Other features include 2M camera, external memory, electronic dictionary, subway map and portable disk. Suggested price is around 500,000(KRW).Source: Gmobile
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4 Comments on LG Releases LG-KH1400

hell yeah.. now that is a nice lookin phone. Although I had an lg phone once and hated it, ended up smahing it up against a wall..
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I dont like LG much myself but this is truly an amazing phone.
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Bird of Prey
What the hell is DMB?

I cant stand LG products personally (well most of them) but that is truly an amazing looking phone.
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