Saturday, September 8th 2007

Orange Box Delayed for PS3

As the title says, Valve's famous Orange Box will be coming to the PS3 a little later than it will be for the Xbox 360 and the PC. However, this is not due to difficulties with the PS3. The Valve team coding the Orange Box for the PS3 is having some internal difficulties, which will push the final version off for a few weeks in the long run. Valve will still release the Xbox 360 and PC versions as planned, on September 15th.

Edit: It seems as though there is some controversy over the release date of the Orange Box. If it does not come out on September 15th, expect to see Orange Box by October 9th in the USA and October 19th in Europe/PAL territories.Source: 1Up
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5 Comments on Orange Box Delayed for PS3

its comeing out on Sep. 15th? i thought it was coming out on Oct. 5th.
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Wow, how suprising. I almost take it for granted that all multi-platform games get always a later ps3 date. This is not good for sony.
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Bird of Prey
well no disappointment here...but at least it is coming.
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Team Fortress 2 for PC FTW!
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Glump Bliermp
Woot September 15??? I Thought Was Oct 9! This Is Awesome!!! Got Free With Hd 2900 Xt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Valve Ftw!
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