Saturday, December 8th 2007

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.3 Patch Released

Developer Infinity Ward has just released the 1.3 patch for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
This patch addresses the issue reported by community member Uzi Kidding which now catches some files bypassing the pure client test. In addition this update will set properties so that Anti-lag is always enabled upon map loads, an optimization for Sniper Rifle accuracty at certain distances, as well a fix so text chat between rounds of multiplayer will no longer cut out at the end. The 1.3 patch will also include all previous fixes from previous patches.
You can download the patch from here.
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Heh, I was wondering when yall would post this.

As a heads up, little was changed. The sniper rifle 'fix' is hardly noticeable. I never had a problem placing the bullets, they always went where I aimed/shot, it's just that they go right through people at times. The power is also null still vs. last stand perk. You can hit someone with a .50 cal from thirty feet away and they'll drop into last stand.

The other weapons are still just ridiculously easy to aim with and hit from across the map, whether it be with iron sights, reflex or ACOG scope. Which is quite frustrating when you goto snipe someone, and they just pop a round or two with their red dot and you're down.

It might be more noticeable on non-hardcore servers.

Never the less, whether you think it's worth getting or not, this one is required if the server is also using it.
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I installed it, didn't notice too much difference aside from getting it on release night and having only a few hundred servers that had installed it and waiting for the other 12,000+ I was getting to update. The MP still is good stuff, yeah there are some that have cheated, there are some shots that are lucky, we all get em. I'm in the mindset to do as much damage as I can while I'm alive...I never plan on staying alive long enough to run low on ammo. I have plenty of fun with this game, I'm just hoping buddy list and possibly squad creation abilities are integrated in the future.

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~Technological Technocrat~
when will they ever extended the spaces you can have for your multiplayer name????? most of my clan cant fit their ranks nor part of their names & thats f**king gay. stop f**king around with the crap that doesnt matter & get your finger out of your ass & sort that sh*t out ffs

On top of that add spawn protection. & improve Punkbuster because there are loads of noobs that run around on my clan servers using friggin speed hacks etc & that is more or less an everyday occurance, each time im on theres either a speed hacker already on or about to join
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Eh..while I somewhat agree that text extensions should be considered, it's defiantley not in the top ten of the game's flaws.

Spawn protection does exist; it's called respawning you near the closest teammate; just hope your teammates aren't stupid, and stand around a 'hot zone,' causing you to respawn into another death :)

PB is getting updates, but you cannot stop the 'private' hacks. PB is stooping to some low measures now, trying to combat them, but it fails and just causes problems. PB is getting out of control. They have way too much influence and power over people's servers, kicking and banning whoever they like, without allowing server administrators to have a say in the matter.

As for speed hacks, this is a result of the player using a dvar unlocker, that allows them to adjust the scale and multiplier of the "sprint" feature. The only way to block this is for the server to not allow client side console commands while connected.
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newconroer said:
Eh..while I somewhat agree that text extensions should be considered, it's defiantly not in the top ten of the game's flaws.
no but it would be nice to have a separate clan tag entry box like the 360 version has

but the hacking is getting outrageous every damn server theres like one guy whos 140 - 3

my other main gripe is head shots should negate last stand

and the damn LMG's are to accurate at long ranges
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Im just wondering why you are hosting all 3 patches when 1.3 clearly covers them all. Or am I missing something?
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Jimmy 2004
INSTG8R said:
Im just wondering why you are hosting all 3 patches when 1.3 clearly covers them all. Or am I missing something?
Well, I don't manage the downloads so I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it's for the sake of completeness as much as anything else. I suppose that some people might find the 1.3 or 1.2 patches cause problems, so prefer to use an older patch.
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1.2 wasnt compulsory and only (somtimes) stopped you losing your rank if you played on mod servers, it was a client side only patch and it didnt work if you used xfire apparently.

1.3 is needed to play on all servers running that patch as it is both server and client side.

i still think the snipers are hit n miss, and the smg's are over powered but i will take my g3/reflex over them all anyway coz i can out snipe the snipers and panic shoot from the hip as quick as a p90.

see you on the bog bitches :D
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I don't have a profiles folder in my Call of Duty 4 directory...
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