Friday, December 14th 2007

Prime wireless real estate up for Grabs

January 24th, 2008 is the big auction day for our wireless world. The 700-megahertz Band is made up of 108 megahertz of spectrum from 698-806 MHz. For quite some time now the 700-Mhz frequencies have been licensed as Television channels 52 to 69. To keep with present times broadcasters are going digital, and whoever steps in will hold the biggest piece of the future wireless internet. The FCC will the upper 60MHz of spectrum in the 700MHz band. What is the big deal about the 700Mhz frequency spectrum you ask? It’s quite simple. The 700Mhz frequency spectrum will have much better reception for remote areas due to its characteristics. And the lower frequency waves have better penetrating qualities, making reception better inside buildings and down into basements. Due to its larger range than the current 1,800Mhz cell phone spectrum, it will take less than half as many wireless towers to cover the nation (30,000 down to less than 15,000). Each 700MHz tower can cover four times area as towers in higher bands, and the signals go through almost any obstacles trees, buildings, you name it.

But this is not the best part, it gets better. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) auction rules a large portion of this frequency spectrum up for bidding must be dedicated as "open-access." Many of you are probably grinning right now if you know what this means. If you don’t know it means that the age of locked cell phones will be coming to an end. Not only that, but any device or software programmed accordingly can access the network. Popular Science suggests that “The rule change is in part due to Google’s furious lobbying for it, a move that has fueled speculation that it plans to bid for the spectrum.”

Unfortunately there is no guarantee of this amazing wireless network. The big boys in the Telecom industry are of course going after these open-access rules in court. Many of these companies are doing so to protect their stake in the market and protect their business as well. Assuming that these rules do survive the Telecom industries attacks, the new rules will only take effect if a bidder meets the reserve price of $ 4.6 billion.Source: Daily Wireless, Popular Science Magazine Jan 08, TechPowerup
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I hope this can be like land lines. AKA open to other people other than the owner. That way we might actually have a network that covers the whole US. Fat chance of that though.
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Go Google. They seem to be the only company that can do something new in the buisness. They were to buy some form of waves from what I heard.


Nope, because unlike M$, they would actually make their products work, and their people like it.
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I'm imagining google G-phones already.

7.0 MP camera, wireless a/b/g/n connectivity, only 10mm thick, slider, great battery life, does my laundry (drooooool)
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700Mhz wireless cards anyone? lower bandwidth, but raaaaaange!
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