Sunday, December 16th 2007

ATI R680 PCB Design and Cooling Early Pics

Here are some leaked pictures from ATI R680, courtesy of ChipHell. What you'll see on the PCB are 2x RV670XT GPUs and one PLX chip for communication between the two cores. All the sixteen memory chips (8 on the front and 8 on the back side) are missing from the board, probably because of the early development stage (that's not a finished product). Source said the card is using 0.7ns GDDR4 memory.
Source: ChipHell
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If Ati's goin crazy and doing stuff like this then maybe NVIDIA needs to make a dual cpu 8800ULTRA based on the G92, that would be funny
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How funny. Each time there's some news about anything pertaining to a CPU or a GPU, there's a catfight triggered in the forum.:laugh: with people siding AMD/Intel/NVidia/ATi. come on, people let's just be smart buyers and not fanboys. If AMD gives me a better deal for my money today, I'll buy it. Intel gives a better deal, I'll buy that. Regardless of which brand, we have to get a GPU, something that processes video and lets us play games. Neither ATi nor NVidia are selling things that blow up so lets not hate a company, they're just earning a living, like you and me. Of course NVidia is a multi-gazillion dollar company but is run by people who are in the same economic planes/strata as us.
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