Saturday, February 9th 2008

Dell 'Committed' to AMD Despite Prevalence of Intel Parts

Yesterday, we brought you the tragic news that Dell recently stopped selling computers based on AMD processors on their website. Today, Dell made a statement to attempt to clarify the situation. Dell explained that there is a delicate balancing act that must be done between retail, phone, and internet sales channels. Dell also assured that there will be ample supply of AMD-based computers coming through retail channels, and that Dell hasn't quite stopped selling AMD computers on their website just yet (Inspiron 531 is still available). Dell also clarified that Dell is still selling plenty of AMD-based computers online, just so long as the customers are business. To sum it up, Dell said this:
We are committed to the AMD product lines as a long-term partner to provide the maximum choice for our customers.
Source: Reg Hardware
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7 Comments on Dell 'Committed' to AMD Despite Prevalence of Intel Parts

And Paul Harvey's famous words are: "The REST of the story"...
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"We are committed to the AMD product lines as a long-term partner to provide the maximum choice for our customers."

Remind me Dell, how do you do that by NOT selling AMD systems online!?!
Some companies are really mocking us by releasing statements like these! It's like they think we are retarded or something...
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Senior Monkey Moderator
Dell is not mocking anyone. As I said in the last post, they are rearranging strategies to best optimize their sales potential.

Dell will never abandon a supplier if their is potential for profit.
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I see the 'Intel Revolution' coming :p
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Bird of Prey
Haha, Paul Harvey, the essential southern salesman
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Haha, didn't the intel revolution start back in 1972 or something nuts like that?

I used to think Paul Harvey was only a wisconsin thing for the longest time. My mom always listened to his stories.... awwwwwwww Back in the day....

Really, I think Dell would be better off offering an AMD version of almost every system they have, It might not help all that much, but I think it would help them more than hurt sales. But that's just cuz I'm an AMD fan I guess, and cuz I'm a cheap ass. I suppose if I won the lottery, I wouldn't give a
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BXtreme said:
I see the 'Intel Revolution' coming :p
the battle between processors have shifted when c2d's were released, and it will shift back to AMD sometime in the future. Its a battle that one company over the other will never win. Both will be around.

When it comes to mobile, the AMD mobile x2's and turions are much more prevalent than the intel counterparts.

AMD has fallen behind because of the failure of the phenom. But I see this being a small roadblock for them, they will probably just scratch this as a loss and move on to a 45nm part that will perform amazing! We can only hope.

Either way, there is no way that Intel will control the proc market. Not gonna happen
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