Tuesday, May 13th 2008

Dell 3008 WFP Back Online for $2049

The 30-inch Dell 3008 WFP that has the $2000 price tag and an amazing 117% color gamut is now back on Dell's online store. It was previously removed from the company's site due to "a small technical issue with the product". Now after the 30-inch monster display is back online, we only need volunteers to buy one from the new batch and confirm if all problems are indeed fixed.Source: Dell
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10 Comments on Dell 3008 WFP Back Online for $2049

I would like to see the difference in real world
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i would buy one but dont have anywhere to put a 30in my 21.6 barely fits in my new desk as it is!
hmmm but i wonder if dell will reimburse us for buying one and testing??? neh who am i kidin...
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Graphical Hacker
If TPU pays for half I'll buy one :P
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Hmm thats really expensive, i think i would be perfectly happy with their 3007WFP-HC model instead and save $700.
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~Technological Technocrat~
Imagine plugging this badboy into your laptop? lol
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To infinity ... and beyond!
WOW thats nice! but $2050 is to rich for my blood
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To be honest, I don't think I'd want one of these unless I could afford a PC that could play games at that resolution. I can barely get away with 40FPS max graphics on my 24 inch dell.
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So what was the actual problem with em in the first place?
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I do want to buy a 30inch display dont know wich one as yet DELL or HP
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Now only if I can only sell my Dell 3007 for $1000...
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