Saturday, June 14th 2008

OCZ Diesel USB 2.0 Flash Drive - a Portable Option for Students and Professionals

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the all-new Diesel USB 2.0 Flash drive that made waves at Computex earlier this month. OCZ’s latest offering harnesses a sleek and compact design coupled with high capacities you wouldn’t expect in such a small form factor. With reliability, affordability, and maximum storage capabilities, the OCZ Diesel is the affordable choice for students, professionals, and other on-the-go computer users.

“The new Diesel USB drive is the ideal affordable solution for transporting documents and multimedia files,” said Alex Mei, CMO, OCZ Technology Group. “With an optimal blend of performance, portability, and price, the compact yet high capacity Diesel USB Drive is an excellent choice for consumers always on the go.”

The sleek and sturdy OCZ Diesel features durable and attractive aluminum housing with an option at the base to attach it to a lanyard or keyring to take it wherever you go. Like all OCZ flash drives, portability and size is a defining factor, allowing users to operate adjacent USB ports without needing to unplug other peripherals. The Diesel offers users mainstream performance at a value while offering massive amounts of storage without the extra bulk.

With plenty of room for all our favorite songs, photos, and documents when you’re on the go, the Diesel is available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB for your traveling data. For the mobilized student or professional, the OCZ Diesel is a sleek, sturdy, and affordable flash drive that gets the job done and offers the reliability you expect from OCZ Technology.

For more information on the OCZ Diesel Flash Drive, please click here.Source: OCZ Technology
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7 Comments on OCZ Diesel USB 2.0 Flash Drive - a Portable Option for Students and Professionals

Simply austounding. Brilliant even.


flash drives are nothinh new
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its just another nano drive, which isnt exciting. i have a 4GB that size already - cost me $25
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Is this supposed to be co-branding with a Jeans company? Naff :shadedshu
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It's just a pen drive, no big deal... :P
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Mussels said:
its just another nano drive, which isnt exciting. i have a 4GB that size already - cost me $25
Me too. Isn't it a shame that now they have 8GB for the same price? 16GB doesn't seem to be worth it either.. we'll have to wait for 32GB to upgrade. But without much faster transfer speeds, the things is useless. A 32GB SSD that is rendered useless in seek times by the USB 2.0 interface and still suffers the same minute bandwidth. It's not so great.
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yeah actually, the speed is killer. my old OCZ 2GB rally can do 25MB/s to 30MB/s (USB2.0 hampered it) yet modern drives seem stuck at 10MB/s.

capacity is useless without speed... if its 4x bigger but 1/4 the speed, it takes 8 times longer to do things :( (i dont fill my drives with small files, i actually use them to transfer large ones)

Also theres a downside with USB drives above 4GB - fat16 cant take more than 4GB partitions, and thats the standard for USB flash drives. you can use fat32, but that still has the limit of not being able to use files of 4GB or larger size (DVD images, HD media) meaning you need NTFS... and using NTFS messes with the hot plug abilities of the drives.

My brothers 8GB drive formatted to NTFS had issues like that, where it would crash a system or show up as 'unrecognised device' unless you plugged it in, unplugged and replugged in rapid order - otherwise it just wouldnt auto detect.
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