Saturday, July 19th 2008

PowerColor Radeon HD 4870 PCS OC Emerges

PowerColor is preparing an overclocked Radeon HD4870, the PCS (Professional Cooling System) model. This model uses 1 GB of GDDR5 memory and uses overclocked parameters, such as 800 MHz core. This card comes with a cooler made by Zerotherm comprising of heatpipes conducting to aluminum fins on either sides of a fan. According to TG Daily, this card could be based on the SuperRV770 concept, where high-performing parts are used along with 1 GB of GDDR5 memory. According to PowerColor, this cooler could keep the temperatures down by up to 20° C versus reference ATI cooler even at the overclocked 800 MHz core setting.

Sources: PCGH, TG Daily
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Tory said:
Apparently professionals blow the hot air back into their case?!?

I like the stock cooler better, this seems like a downgrade to me.
Seems like that to me too, although I remember reading something on Arctic Cooling's website when the new Accelero coolers came out about how they had found that their DHES (basically, blowing hot air out the back of the case) was actually somewhat ineffective due to a difference in pressure (or something to that effect) causing the fan to have to work harder and make more noise to push the air out.

Would certainly explain the fact that the best GPU coolers in the industry are open-air... Be it a VF700-AlCu or the mammoth VF1000. Thermaltake is really the only aftermarket brand nowadays that produces an air-exhausting GPU cooler, and from what I hear, their reverse model performs better anyway. Not that either of them perform particularly well to begin with :laugh:
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i hope they release a 4870x2 similar to this one
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