Saturday, October 4th 2008

Nehalem Available for Pre-Order at Overclockers UK, ETA 31st October

In the last few days we have seen photos surface of several motherboards based on the upcoming Intel Architecture, code named Nehalem. These boards utilize the Intel X58 chipset along with the new socket, LGA-1366. Many people have been eagerly awaiting the imminent release of the new CPUs and motherboards, which was rumoured to be sometime in November. The online UK retailer Overclockers UK (OcUK), has today added new links in their motherboard and CPU sections for Intel 1366 (X58 Chipset) and Intel Core i7.

Within the CPU section, available for Pre-Order, are the three processors which were expected to be available at launch following what we covered here
The Core i7 920 is priced at £258.49, the Core i7 940 is priced at £469.99, and the Core i7 965 Extreme Edition, at £822.49 (all prices include VAT). In the motherboard section, also available for Pre-Order are three motherboards, two from Asus and one Intel:
ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm Edition, ASUS P6T Deluxe (base model), and Intel Smackover X58. The site states the ETA for all these products as 31st October 08.Source: Overclockers UK
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apart from the fact these items arent even on the site anymore?
Lol. Had to be taken down due to NDA. I hope Intel punishes them for this. They always do this and get exorbitant prices on preorders.
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