Thursday, November 6th 2008

VIA and NVIDIA Drop Netbook Platform Plans

VIA and NVIDIA have had a decent association going their way for some time now, with the latter offering to design platform core logic (chipset) embedding the GeForce Integrated graphics, which gives VIA's Nano processor, an edge over Intel's Atom platform using obsolete core logic technologies.

Sources at VIA tell DigiTimes, that the deal between the two companies, to work on an inexpensive netbook platform, may have been shelved. The two companies had earlier planned to pair VIA's Nano processor with NVIDIA's MCP79 IGP (which now seems to have a fair bit of success in its Intel Core 2 microprocessor-supportive avatar). Although cooperation on the platform is suspended, VIA said the two are still continuing to cooperate and will showcase co-developed desktop PC (read: nettop) products at CES 2009.Source: DigiTimes
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