Tuesday, January 27th 2009

Fujitsu Stops HDD Head Production

Japanese electronics firm Fujitsu has decided to closed down its hard disk drive (HDD) head production, to consolidate losses incurred by the business over the recent red quarters. Fujitsu produces HDD heads for both the components industry and its own HDDs. The company said it would book a loss of 5 billion Yen (US $55.8 M) in its investment in a manufacturing facility at Nagano, north-west of Tokyo.

The said facility will continue manufacturing other drive components such as circuit boards, while employees working for drive-head production will be moved to other jobs. While production of drive-heads will stop in March, the company is in talks with several companies over selling off its entire HDD business, according to company spokesperson Takashi Koto, without disclosing the names of the companies on table. Toshiba comes up as a prospective buyer. It has confirmed that it is in talks with Fujitsu over the sale of a business.Source: Straits Times
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hdd is at end of life.....


let the SDD invasion begin :)
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adrianx said:
hdd is at end of life.....


let the SDD invasion begin :)
i wouldnt put it that way yet. i think HDDs will still be around for some time. though SSDs are the future as you said.
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~Technological Technocrat~
this is old news. I remember seeing a similar post @ TPU stating more or less the same thing.

Fujitsu laptops, monitors & all the other stuff they make will still continue to sell but competition is pretty vicious. I think Fujitsu have their hand in quite a few markets. they do a lot of stuff just like Samsung but their a lot lot smaller.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
SSDs will "invade" when I get a 1 TB SSD with speeds of at least 130/100 MBps (R/W) for ~$150.
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I'm happy to have SSD replace HDDs as soon as they match reliability and prices are circa 2x HDD and there is no microcontroller stutter.

I'd be happy with MOST of the systems I manage to be updated to SSD even at 80/50. With near zero seek, and zero noise, I'd do it. In fact capacities dont have to be huge, just 80GB. Most "productivity" machines use a NAS for file and data so just need OS and apps installed.

Of course, MY system, would need to be bigger and faster :)
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I think HDD's will stick around for a good while. I mean you don't need uber fast read times on movies and photos and such. So I wouldn't be surprised to have something like an 80-120 gb SSD for the OS and programs and then a traditional HDD for storing all your media and documents.
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