TechPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor v1.08

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Publisher: BAGZZlash
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Posted: Mar 19, 2008
Updated: Mar 20, 2008
Operating System: Windows
Newer version available: TechPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor v1.28

RBE is a tool which helps you over-/underclocking and tuning your recent ATI video card. Unlike other programs as Rivatuner for example, RBE will provide a modified version of your video card's original BIOS that you can flash upon your video card. Although flashing a BIOS is always somewhat risky, this method has some advantages:

- Many video cards are supported. See next section for an uncomplete list.
- You don't need to run an overclocking tool on every windows startup.
- You can modify the GPU's voltage using RBE, which simple software-OC tools are not capable of.
- Overclocking is no more dependent on windows. It works with every operating system like Linux, Mac OS and so on...
- RBE can help with the fan settings on 29x0- and 3850/3870 cards.
- You can modify every state your video card has, even the clocks during boot up.
- So you can underclock/undervolt your card during boot up and in 2D-Mode to save power (and thus money) and to allow your card's fan to run slower (and thus more silently).

With RBE, you can load your video card's BIOS, change some values and save the new BIOS file. RBE will automatically fit the BIOS' checksum so ATIFlash or WinFlash will not complain about a not matching BIOS image file.

Which video cards are supported?
The program was originally built to support my HD 2900 pro 512 MB 256 bit, so this card is supported, of course. Later on, after some requests, I added support for HD 2900 pro 512 bit, HD 2900 XT, HD 2900 GT and HD 2600 XT, each regardless the video memory configuration. I also tried some HD 2600 pro and 2400 XT BIOS files, they are supported as well.
Furthermore, 3450, 3650, 3870 X², 3850 and 3870 cards are supported. For 29x0 and the last two cards there is a fan control setting in RBE.
All in all, the engine is somewhat flexible. If you have a video card which is not officially supported, just give it a shot nevertheless. It might work. And if not, send me a request. In most of the cases, it's easy to add support for a card.

Note that some status reports on the BIOS file are being displayed, which can be changed also. These and some internal methods more help RBE to verify the validness of the processed BIOS image file. This leads to a high level of secureness. However, tinkering with BIOS flashing is never without any risk. Neither RBE's author nor any of the people associated with it can be made responsible for any damage caused.

There's a program internal FAQ section. So if you have a question, refer to this at first. If your question is not properly answered here, you can send me an eMail to the address found in the "About" section.

There is no installation required. Just download the RBE.exe and run it. There is just that one single file. No administrative privileges are required to run RBE, whether you use Windows XP or Vista.

Version History


  • 99 % of code completely rewritten.
  • Tab based front end implemented. Finally! :-)
  • You can now enter the fan hysteresis if lookup-table is used.
  • No more pre-selection of video card type is required. RBE detects on itself now.
  • You can re-open a BIOS saved with RBE now.
  • Most of the BIOS information string can be changed now. However, this is not recommended and thus is a power user feature only.
  • Several bug removed, including a crash when trying to load some improper files.
  • Added some new bugs. Because most of the code is completely new, there will be some bugs for sure.
  • Intelligent bug report system added to the code.
  • Changed method to detect fan settings for 3xx0-cards. Should be more compatible now. Will reduce incorrect fan setting detection for most cards also.
  • Improved checksum handling for even giant checksum differences.
  • Filesize shrinked a litte because of more compact code.
  • You can now unlock the states dependent lock if you like. The default setting is still locked for dependent states.


  • First release for
  • Added fan control setting for 2xx0 cards. Oh yeah! :-)


  • Added some information on the 862 MHz lock in the FAQ section. 
  • Added a "BIOS image size" info line.


  • No more "fan settings detection error" message with 3450 and 3650 cards.
  • Fan values can be entered directly now.
  • Some more minor bug fixes.


  • Added some more bytes for checksum balancing.
  • Changed checksum display form mode 0F00h to 0x0F00 because that's cooler!
  • Changed adapted frame caption displaying dependent on selected video card mode.
  • Changed number of displayed states/modes on 2900 XT/2900 pro 512 bit from 5 to 6.


  • Fixed dependencies between clock settings during user input.
  • Revised FAQ.


  • Added more modes for 3xx0 cards (experimentally).


  • Fixed an issue with checksum display.


  • Added checksum display.


  • Revised FAQ.
  • Added security request if user set 60 °C threshold for fan fix with 3850/3870 cards.