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Publisher: techPowerUp
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Posted: Mar 24, 2009
Updated: Mar 25, 2009
Operating System: 2000/XP/Vista
Newer version available: TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.8.6

GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.

Version History


  • Added support for RV740 (HD 4750, HD 4770) and RV790 (HD 4890)
  • Fixed G98 shader count
  • Fixed GT200 process size calculation
  • Added support for GTX 275


  • Clock reading on ATI cards fixed
  • GT200b is now detected as 55 nm
  • Added detection for GeForce GT 120, GT 130, GT 130M, FX 5200, 9400 GT, 9600 GSO 512, FX 2700M, 9500 GS, Quadro FX 540M, Quadro FX 3700M, 9650M GT, Quadro FX 370M, 9400 IGP, 9300 IGP, 8200M G
  • Added support for S3 Chrome 500 Series
  • Added new ATI logo
  • Fixed screen corruption during screenshot of sensors tab
  • Added support to show lowest, highest and average reading on sensors tab (click on sensor value to switch)
  • Fixed number of texture units on RV730
  • Fixed Catalyst version reading


  • Fixed crash on systems without NVAPI (Win 2K, old NV drivers)
  • Optimized RV770 BIOS reading code for speed (faster application startup)
  • Improved voltage reading code for recent ATI cards
  • Added support for fan speed monitoring on ForceWare 180.xx and up
  • Added voltage monitoring for NVIDIA (GT200)
  • Changed reading method for RV770 sensors, fixes race conditions with other software and on-board fan control
  • NVIDIA 9800 GTX+ listed as 55nm now
  • Added support for Intel Q43/Q45
  • Added support for NVIDIA Quadro FX 4700 X2, GTX 295, GTX 285
  • Added preliminary support for NVIDIA GT212, GT214, GT215, GT216, GT218


  • Fixed monitors panel showing up sometimes
  • Re-enabled dupecheck for VGA BIOS upload
  • Corrected 9800 GTX release date
  • Added support for NVIDIA Quadro VX 200
  • Fixed voltage readings on HD 4870 and HD 4870 X2


  • Added support for NVIDIA 9800 GT, 9600 GS/GSO, 9300 GS, Quadro FX Go1400, 9800M GTX, 9600M GT, 9650M GT, Quadro FX 770M, 9200M GS, 9300M GS, Quadro NVS 160M, G71 0x2e5
  • Added support for ATI HD 4350, HD 4550, HD 4650, HD 4830, HD 4850 X2, RV670 0x9504
  • Added support for Intel GM45 variant 0x2a43
  • Added support for shader count reading on HD 48xx
  • Changed ATI driver function call method. This should result in more accurate readings on X2 cards and non-desktop ATI devices
  • Improved VGA BIOS Upload dialog. Drop down lists appropriate for your card will now be fetched from our servers to facilitate the upload process
  • Corrected RV610 transistor count


  • Added logging of sensor data to file
  • Added option to disable polling for individual sensors
  • Added support for AMD RV730
  • Added clock reading support for Catalyst 8.9 on RV770 and RV730
  • Added support for NVIDIA 9400 GT, 9500 GT, 9600 GS, 9800M GS, 9600M GS, 9300M GS, 9200M GE
  • Added support for AMD R580 Stream Processor, RV730 and one M88 variant
  • Fixed PCI subvendor ID 1787 to be ATI AIB
  • Fixed readings and added monitoring support for ATI M88
  • Fixed fan speed readings on ADT7473 sensor
  • Added support for ADT7473 sensor chip on ATI
  • Added release dates for several NVIDIA mobile GPUs


  • Added display for GPU release date. The data is incomplete, if you have more info please post in the sticky thread in the support forums.
  • Added display for transistor count
  • Added mouseover readings for sensors graph
  • Correctly named the three on-die sensors of RV770 and RV730 
  • Added support for voltage regulator monitoring on HD 4870 and HD 4870 X2
  • RV770 GPU on HD 4870 X2 now called R700
  • Added support for reading HD 4870 X2 3D clocks
  • Added display of CrossFire Sideport status on HD 4870 X2
  • Added more RV730 device IDs
  • Added support for GeForce 9800 GT, 9800M GT, 9600M GT, 9700M GS/GT, 9500M G
  • Added detection for RS780D
  • Fixed incorrectly read ATI OD5 clocks
  • Fix for memory clock reading on RV730
  • Fixed ROM reading on RV730
  • Fixed crash when no supported card detected
  • Sensor graph width adjusted when scrollbars visible


  • Added full support for HD 4870 X2
  • Added support for reading clocks on newer ATI drivers (R700)
  • Fix for realtime clock sensor showing double memory speed on RV770 GDDR5
  • Added detection for GeForce 9800 GT, GeForce 9300 GE
  • Added support to start GPU-Z minimized (use -minimized)
  • Added tray icon when GPU-Z is minimized
  • Fixed crash when uploading large BIOS files
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen on some NVIDIA cards
  • Added detection for Intel Q43. G45 and some variants of G35, G965, GM965


  • Fixed BIOS Reading on HD 4870. Please do not flash non-128K BIOSes to GDDR5 cards
  • Fixed GDDR5 bandwidth calculation
  • Fixed texture fillrate on RV770 and RV730
  • Added three extra on-die temperature sensors to RV770 monitoring
  • Removed states.dmp file creation
  • Fixed GPU activity readings on RV770
  • Changed devices list order to be more intuitive (by bus number now)
  • Added Shared Memory support, see the forum for more info
  • Fixed more 190°C PCB readings on NVIDIA
  • Catalyst Beta versions no longer displayed as version 2.2
  • Fixed sensor graph overflow
  • Sensor graphs will try to autoscale now
  • Fixed RV505 process size
  • Fixed memory bus width reading on some ATI RS300
  • Fixed rare crash when reading NVIDIA sensors
  • Fixed GDDR3 detection for G71


  • Improved RV770 detection
  • Fixed another crash related to sensors when switching cards
  • More measures to get rid of 190° PCB sensors
  • Added preliminary support for RV730


  • Fixed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260/280 (GT200) support. Everything is working and tested now
  • Removed bogus 190°C PCB temp sensor on various NVIDIA cards
  • Added fan speed monitoring for NVIDIA
  • Fixed crash when switching devices during sensor refresh
  • Fixed ROP/Shader count on NVIDIA G72
  • Fixed graphs spilling over their client area
  • Fixed a number of other rare crashes
  • NVIDIA device ID 0x00F3 now correctly recognized as NV43
  • Improved crash reporting module


  • Added support for variants of i945G, Q35, G31/G33, G84, G92, G96, GT200, G86M, G84M, C79
  • Improved RV770 and GT200 detection code
  • Updated NVIDIA temperature reading code
  • Fixed updater getting stuck during refresh
  • CrossFire on Vista64 now reported with note "unsure", instead of just "unknown"
  • Added mini graph to sensors
  • Screenshots are uploaded as PNG now
  • Added crash report error handler
  • Updated G70 number of ROPs
  • Added PCI Vendor Point of View
  • Improved S3 Chrome 400, S20, S18 and S8 detection


  • Fixed Vista32 / Vista64 detection. It was reversed in 0.2.0.


  • Added support for S3 graphics cards
  • Added screenshot upload feature (press F5 or click the camera icon)
  • Added NVIDIA GT200 detection
  • Updated RV770 detection
  • Vista64 is now listed as "Vista64" in the driver version readout
  • On Vista64, CrossFire status will be marked as "Unknown" until fix is found
  • Added dump to XML. Use command line parameter -dump gpuz.xml
  • More robust NVIDIA clock detection
  • Fixed G73 fillrate calculation
  • Added die size for RV350
  • Fixed R680 clock readings
  • Fixed R600 ROM reading code
  • Fixed sensors not refreshing properly sometimes
  • When unknown architecture detected, NVIDIA logo won't be shown anymore
  • Fixed random UNICODE characters on some architectures in upload progress


  • Fixed bluescreen when GPU-Z is started
  • Fixed splash screen not going away in some cases
  • Fixed crash when GPU registers couldn't be accessed (thanks tDJ)
  • Fixed shader count for NV44


  • Fixed SLI detection for Vista32 and Vista64 
  • Added automatic refresh of clocks and multi GPU status
  • Added support for NVIDIA Quadro FX Go1400, Quadro NVS 440, GeForce 7350 KE, 7300 GT, 8400 SE, 9800 GX2, 9800 GTX, 9500 GT, 8400, Quadro NVS 140M, 135M, FX 360M, 9300M G, 9500M GS, 8600M GT, 8700M GT, FX 3600M
  • Added support for G96
  • Added support for ATI FireGL V8600, some RV635 and RV620 variants
  • Fixed fan speed monitoring for RV6xx
  • Fixed fillrate for 8800 GTS 512 
  • Fixed some subvendor names
  • Fixed shader calculation for M68
  • Process size, Die size, DirectX Support will now show "Unknown"
  • Fixed crash when no sensors detected
  • Fixed NV44 ROP and shader calculation
  • Fixed crash when NVIDIA BIOS couldn't be read
  • Added Splash screen


  • Corrected several GeForce 9600 GT readings
  • Switched GPU and PCB temperature readings on ATI cards when using LM63 sensor 
  • Some fields on the main screen will now show grey "unknown" instead of "0" when value unknown
  • Fixed HD 2900 GT ROP and shader count
  • Added HD 3850 AGP detection
  • Added 8400 GS detection
  • Fixed shader count on modded/unmodded R420 cards
  • Added Rage LT Pro detection
  • Fixed RS300 vertex shader count


  • Added GPU Sensors tab 
  • Fixed CrossFire detection under Vista
  • Screenshot will now work on Windows 2000 without PSAPI.DLL installed
  • Update check default interval is now 1 week
  • Added a link to test build forum from validation page
  • GPU variant names removed for all ATI and NVIDIA cards. For example "G80 GTX" will be called "G80" from now on
  • Added several missing ASICs from families: RV610, RV630, R600
  • Added several future ATI ASICs
  • Fixed clock detection for some RV6xx ASICs
  • Fixed pipeline count on modded RV430 GPUs
  • Added ROP/shader readings for RV620, RV635 and future ATI ASICs
  • Fixed memory bus width reading for R200 and similar ASICs
  • Improved low-level BIOS reading code to work on more GPUs (pre-R500)
  • Added detection for ASICs from families: G80, G92, G94, G92 M
  • Fixed negative temperature readings in ADT7473 sensor
  • Added some missing die sizes for ATI and NVIDIA
  • Added bus width reading for NV10
  • Fixed bus width reading for NV44
  • Fixed ROP/shader counts for NV41, NV42, NV43, G70, G71, G73
  • Added detection for i740, GM45
  • i865G correctly reports DDR memory now
  • Multi GPU dropdown is now a static readout
  • Shortened HP PCI vendor name


  • Online BIOS submission dupecheck now actually works
  • More changes to G70/G71 ROP/shader detection code (never ending story)
  • G71 AGP is now 90nm instead of 110nm
  • If default clocks on NVIDIA can not be determined via BIOS, try fallback via driver
  • Better driver communication to NVIDIA driver
  • Corrected shader detection for softmodded R300, R480 cards
  • Known issue: NVIDIA SLI status can not be detected under Vista


  • Added BIOS extraction features
  • Added BIOS upload to TechPowerUp VGA BIOS collection
  • Fixed high CPU usage after update is aborted
  • Added/Improved detection for NV40 0x0040, G80-600, G84, G86, G92, G98
  • Changes to shader detection code for NV40, NV41, NV42, NV43, NV44, NV46, NV48, G70, G71, G72, G73
  • Added Subvendor ID for Zotac


  • Fixed blank screen on some R5xx ASICs
  • Added detection for G92 based 8800 GTS
  • Fixed memory type being returned as DDR3 instead of GDDR3 on some NVIDIA GPUs
  • Fixed shader count on some NVIDIA GPUs
  • Added timeout to shut down when removing driver
  • Fixed 2D clocks being shown on some NVIDIA cards
  • Removed geometric clock delta returned as BIOS default shader clock
  • NV42 AGP id F6 is now correctly detected
  • Shortened High Tech Systems subvendor string to HIS
  • Adjusted item tab order on Validation page
  • Improved NVIDIA driver version detection on XP64
  • Added support for original GeForce Quadro
  • Fixed crash on some GeForce FX and earlier cards


  • Added/improved device detection for certain models of: Rage Pro, Rage XL, RageII, RV280, RV515, RV516, R580, R600, Rage Mobility. i810G, i815G, i845G, i865G, i915G, i830GM, i910GL, i915GV, i855GM, i915GM, i945G. G84, G86, G92, G98, C51
  • Pressing F5 will now take a .GIF format screenshot
  • RV6xx clock reading will now always display high-performance clocks
  • Update check won't show up anymore when "Never" is selected
  • Update check can be aborted at any time during execution
  • Added mouse over tooltips for text boxes that could have too long text
  • Added experimental memory type and bus width detection for Intel integrated
  • Added PCI vendor PNY
  • Intel driver version is now properly detected on all operating systems
  • Added N/A to ATI GPU revision and other similar fields
  • Memory bus width detection improved for RV530, RV535, RV560, RV570, R520, R580, M56, M58, M66, M68
  • Added option to receive E-Mail with validation ID after submission
  • Fixed Catalyst version detection on XP64
  • Added detection for AGP cards running in PCI mode
  • Fixed extremely low clock readings on some RV6xx ASICs when core clock was >860 MHz
  • Age setting now properly reflects author's age (Happy Birthday!)


  • Fixed shader count on RV670
  • Fixed Shader Model info on some ATI cards
  • Some ATI cards no longer report memory type DDRX
  • Added basic i815G info
  • Fixed G71 / G70 AGP misspelling


  • Added preliminary support for Intel
  • Added Shader Model readout
  • Fixed ATI RV6xx clocks reading
  • Fixed report submission on Windows XP 64-bit
  • When submitting a bug report, a problem description is required.
  • Improved ATI BIOS reading code
  • Shortened BIOS string to fix window in some instances
  • Added end ellipses to certain display fields
  • Fixed crashes when using NVAPI
  • Fixed lost handles when using NVAPI
  • Fixed memory type detection for G84, G86, G92
  • Improved NVIDIA BIOS reading code
  • Subvendor BFG Tech now correctly named
  • Numerous adjustments to pipe/shader configurations on both ATI and NVIDIA


  • Fix for more NVIDIA related crashes
  • Fixed NVAPI losing information after display settings reset
  • Added private submissions that can not be viewed publicy. Next time think before uploading RV670 info and then realizing you could lose your job
  • Added bug report submissions
  • Added numerous IGP adapter info
  • Added info for GeForce 8800 GT
  • Improvements to shader clock calculation on G80+
  • Updated icon


  • Added numerous new ATI and NVIDIA devices
  • Fixed crashes on older NVIDIA driver versions. I would like to thank Jon from for testing and feedback. Without his help fixing this would have taken much longer.
  • Improved ATI driver version detection for Vista and XP
  • Corrected ROP/Shader readings on ATI and NVIDIA
  • Removed unintended E-Mail requirement for validation upload
  • Validation is only possible with the latest version of GPU-Z
  • Fixed double memory clock readings on pre-GeForce 7 cards
  • Updater will actually open new browser window when requested to do so


  • Added Update Checker
  • Improved Shader Detection for ATI cards
  • Added support for future ATI GPUs
  • Various other improvements to detection code


  • Improvements to validation code
  • Removed "Displays"
  • Added more devices to detect


  • Fixed several crashes on NVIDIA


  • Fixed 8800 GTS, 8500, 8600 misdetection