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Posted: Sep 22, 2010
Updated: Sep 23, 2010
Operating System: XP/2003/Vista & 64-bit

AMD OverDrive™ Utility in general is designed to provide users the ability to maximize the capability, flexibility, and adjustability of the AMD chipset products; it allows user to tune parameters to help system stability, optimize performance, and control cooling/acoustic characteristics.  AMD’s target is to provide an all-in-one utility which can deliver all-around stellar operation.

Maximum control for massive headroom

Personalize your experience with state-of-the-art real-time overclocking*. Used by world record setting overclockers across the globe, AMD OverDrive™ gives you unprecedented control over your processor, memory and chipset to push the performance envelope further than ever before.

AMD Black Edition Memory Profiles

Achieve optimum high speed DDR3 performance with pre-tuned memory profiles. Open up bandwidth and overclock your memory for even more performance.

AMD Smart Profiles

Tune performance when you run the applications you use most. Set optimum affinity and performance based on our default profiles or customize your own.

Customizable AutoClock

More options for experienced users to automatically tune their PC

Fan Control

Enhanced support for monitoring your PC and taking control

Ready to use with Microsoft® Windows® 7

Custom performance for novice and enthusiast users

Overclocking* made easy

Novice and beginner users need not be intimidated. AMD OverDrive™ provides a simple performance slider and even a single-click performance tuning option.

Take command of performance

Get ultimate control at your fingertips. AMD OverDrive™ exposes all controls so enthusiast PC users can monitor and modify performance settings to achieve extreme performance.

Integrated system test and monitoring

Insight to monitor your system settings

Keep up with what is happening in your PC. AMD OverDrive™ lets you monitor all your performance settings including clock memory, voltage and memory timing.

Advanced stability tests to ensure your PC runs smoothly

Monitoring system stability has never been easier. AMD OverDrive™ utilizes multi threaded CPU tests to ensure overall system stability so you can focus on your game.


Version History

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 3.2.3 (2010-7-2) Update list:

1. Fixed the bug that AMD 840T processor cannot “disable" Turbo Core function.
2. Fixed the bug that CPU core multiplier overclocking of AMD 840T CPU doesn’t work properly
3. Enhanced the representation of memory serial number

 AMD OverDrive™ Utility 3.1.0 (2009-9-20) Update list:

  • 1. Added support for AMD Phenom II X4 965BE CPU
  • 2. Added support for ATI DX11 “Evergreen” graphic cards
  • 3. Added support for additional super IO chip: IT8712
  • 4. Added support for AMD S1g4 and ASB2 socket type CPUs
  • 5. Enhanced the fan speed control and hardware monitoring feature
  • 6. Enhanced AMD Smart Profiles feature
  • 7. Improved the CPU core multiplier settings method to change only the settings of the highest P-state
  • 8. Enhanced the apply settings mechanism for memory timings by only applying the settings that were changed
  • 9. Fixed a bug in AODDriver
  • 10. Fixed the bug that GPU usage cannot be retrieved even with the latest graphic driver

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 3.0.2 (2009-5-8) Update list:

  • Fixed a bug about revision id check in B.E.M.P
  • Enhanced the B.E.M.P. feature by adding CPU information check when apply memory profile settings

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 3.0.1 (2009-3-17) Update list:

  •  Added AutoClock Advanced Mode feature
  •  Fixed the bug that ACC feature is not available under Clock-Voltage page
  •  Enhanced CPU frequency reading method
  •  Added support for Windows 7
  •  Added support for Fusion utility compatibility
  •  Enhanced DDR3 memory support
  •  Enhanced CPU temperature reading method for Phenom II CPUs
  •  Fixed a bug that AOD can’t startup on some customer boards
  •  Added support for RS880 and SB800 chipset
  •  Added AMD Black Edition Memory Profile feature

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 3.0.0 Beta (2008-12-15) Update list:

  • Enable fan speed control feature in advanced mode
  • Enhanced hardware monitor feature by adding support for more super IO chips.
  • Added smart control feature in advanced mode
  • Fixed a bug on detecting CPU core frequency
  • Added support for GH C1/C2 revision CPU
  • Added support for EPP mode memory  

AMD OverDrive Utility 2.1.5

  • Bug fixed:
  • Fixed AtuoClock will cause VUP.
  • Fixed error message with GPU BIOS.
  • Fixed wrong CPU temperature.
  • Fixed RV770 memory capacity and frequency incorrect.
  • Fixed CPU frequency incorrect.

AMD OverDrive Utility 2.1.2 (2008-06-11)  

  • Added SidePort memory overclocking feature
  • Added fan control feature for SB700 boards with EC enabled
  • Disable fan broken detect settings if this feature is not available
  • Changed to new skin system  

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.1.1 Beta (2008-06-02) Update list:

1.    Add a new feature of “Advance Clock Calibration” by adding a new page named “CMOS”.
2.    Enhanced fan broken detection routine

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.1.0 (2008-03-14) Update list:

1. Add a “Diagram” page under the System Information main menu

2. Add “GPU Status” page under menu “Status Monitor”
3. Add multiple languages support.

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.17 (2008-02-26) Update list:

1. Modified AODAssist to a windows service
2. Added fan broken detect routine in AODAssist service
3. Fixed bug: new version of RAIDXpert can’t be launched
4. Fixed bug: TLB override button only applies to one core
5. Added IGP over-clocking support for RS780 boards

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.16 (2008-01-18) Update list:

1. Fixed a memory leak bug in stability test
2. Fixed the bug that Setting multiplier in AutoClock can cause app crash
3. Fixed a bug in default devices detection
4. Fixed some bugs related to localization
5. Added OC/OV support for Shiner RS780 boards
6. Added H/W monitoring support for Shiner RS780/SB700 boards
7. Added NB VID adjustment function
8. Added CPU fan broken detection function

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.12 (2007-12-11) Update list:

1. Renamed Hammer family processor to AMD64 family processor
2. Renamed R700 chipset to 7-series chipset
3. Removed all unsupported devices from device list
4. Fixed the bug that loading profile may cause system hang
5. Changed some voltage names to VINx and temperature names to TMPINx
6. Added CPU fan speed reading in "Voltage/Temperature" page
7. Fixed bug that memory drive strength doesn't apply successfully
8. Fixed bug that a fresh installed WinXP sp2(without any hot fix) may crash when AOD runs
9. Updated EULA and warning message
10. Fixed bug of determining the SMBus base address
11. Fixed a bug about boost button
12. Enhanced AutoClock and Stability Test functions
13. Added GPU frequencies monitoring
14. Fixed bug that max frequency for family 11h CPU is shown as 0

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.11 (2007-11-26) Update list:

1. Added family 11h CPU support
2. Updated warning messages for legal issue
3. Fixed a problem that SPD info can't be retrieved on SB700 boards
4. Changed the color of menu button and boost button
5. Removed GPU support because of a display driver problem in Vista
6. Changed the sequence of setting HT Ref. clock and CPU multiplier to make system more stable
7. Add “Select All Cores” button to enable 1 slider to adjust all CPU core multipliers
8. Fixed a bug in setting twr values
9. Fixed a bug in reading trtp values
10. Fixed TURBO button initialization bug
11. Removed all # signs from UI
12. Fixed the bug that overdrive can’t start correctly if Vista UAC is on
13. Added more R7xx serials and SB700 chipset support
14. Fixed driver signature problem in Vista 64bit system
15. Added a “Default” button under “Preference -> Settings -> Profile” that would reset all performance settings back to defaults
16. Changed the voltage items under hardware monitoring page

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.9 (2007-10-23) Update list:

1. Added legal warning message when starting AutoClock function
2. Fixed bug: Cursor does not quit after click on Apply Settings tab under AutoClock
3. Fixed a bug in memory controller on Channel A/B settings
4. Added Readme file into installation package
5. Fixed a bug on L3 Cache

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.8 (2007-10-12) Update list:

1. Enhanced AutoClock function to enable CPU multiplier tuning
2. Fixed a bug about MaxVid and MinVid with GH CPU
3. Added version number label on "settings" page
4. Fixed bug: voltage slider doesn't move correctly with keyboard clicking
5. Fixed bug: Family version for Greyhound is shown as 1F
6. Fixed bug: Multiple customer logos appear in the bottom

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.7 (2007-9-28) Update list:

1. Added saving Novice/Advanced mode right after they switched
2. Fixed bug: Reset Auto Clock and Apply setting results in system hang
3. Changed boost button location
4. Added User's Guide into installation package
5. Make the custom logo picture auto fix
6. Added customer's logo files supporting
7. Added GBT string table for over voltage

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.6 (2007-9-25) Update list:

1. Removed Resource folder in installation package
2. Added a new feature: Pop up a Performance Control warning message every time user applies a new settings
3. Fixed a bug in HyperFlash
4. Added License Agreement and Warning dialogs in installation package
5. Added boost button on basic mode page and clock page.
6. Disable MEMCLK combo box in case of GH CPU
7. Fixed incorrect clock readings when multiplier is 12.5.
8. Fixed channel B memory drive strength bug.
9. Fixed all illegal strings
10. Rename "Basic Mode" page to "Novice Mode" page
11. Rename WebPAM to RAIDXpert
12. Rename AOD to AMD OverDrive™ Utility in pop-up messages

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.4 (2007-9-14) Update list:

1. Fix some cosmetic problems
2. Add Whats This help information that is omitted
3. Fix a CPU multiplier bug
4. Add CPU VID slider
5. Add AODAssist running status check to avoid conflict
6. Switching frequencies under HT1 and HT3 mode with R700 and SB600 chipsets
7. Add showing customer logo in bottom left corner if detected
8. Add reading environment temperatures and fan speeds

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.3 (2007-8-31) Update list:

1. Added support for localization
2. Error info will be logged when failing to invoke 3rd party software
3. Took out Pstate tab from AOD

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.2 (2007-8-24) Update list:

1. Fix bug: app may show runtime error when AODConfig.xml file is damaged
2. Fix memory timings bug
3. Change "Slow Access Mode" to "Command Rate"
4. Changed CCC button location
5. Fixed GH VID 0 value bug
6. Added NB speed on advanced mode page
7. Added ganged mode item on memory timings page
8. Fix bug: Device list should contain only appropriate information
9. Fix bug: instance count always shows 1 if ATI driver is ever installed

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0.1 (2007-8-17) Update list:

1. Fix a bug: SMART information shows twice
2. Fix a bug: temperature unit shows in error
3. Add RD790 NB device
4. Add default ATI driver support for Vista 32 bit
5. Fix a bug: showing tune result is different with current value
6. Add quick help
7. Add refresh all widgets after applying settings
8. AOD will save page settings and exit correctly after users press OK button
9. Improve stability test function

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 2.0 (2007-8-10) Update list:

1. Fix 64 bit OS issue about reading physical memory
2. Extract resource file to enable skin change
3. Add version and build date into log file
4. Add detailed error logging for starting driver
5. Add uninstaller
6. Add unit to "Status Monitor" page
7. Remove endless info logging when reading GPU
8. Fix bug: driver loading error
9. If AOD fails to parse setting files, it will recover default files 10. Fix a bug in setup

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.7 (2007-7-31) Update list:

1. Show external temperature on “Status” page
2. Support both ADT7461 sensors now
3. Changed some interface classes
4. Added CCC and WebPAM link into AOD
5. Clock and voltage label’s background color change with the value now
6. Check whether DLL library’s provider is same as board’s vendor while loading a DLL file
7. Check whether CPU vendor is AMD while launching AOD
8. Decrease the time to get CPU frequency. The CPU usage of “Status” page is lower than 5% now.

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.6 (2007-7-16) Update list:

1. Support 0.5 multiplier with GH CPU now
2. If MaxCof is zero, max multiplier is 0x2F(Max FID)
3. Fixed a bug in SPDInfo
4. Fixed memory clock readings bug in AutoClock tab
5. Added a Pstate tab with GH CPU

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.5 (2007-7-11) Update list:

1. Improve Auto Clock function to make it capable to detect failures before system hangs
2. Added SSE4A instruction support detect in Basic Info page
3. CPU monitor info in Auto Clock page is changed: remove temperature; add multiplier and voltage

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.4 (2007-6-20) Update list:

1. Changed the order to “HT Link” and “CPU Cache” under “System Information” page
2. If GH CPU is detected, the temp label will be removed
3. Removed “Used Memory” and “Temperature” display labels
4. Added “Select All” button under “Stability Test” page
5. If GH CPU is detected, “MaxAsyncLat” combo box will be removed
6. Changed the performance test results to its actual values
7. AODAssist will not apply settings by default
8. Removed SB frequency adjustment slider
9. If no test item is selected under “Benchmark” page, “Run” button will be disabled

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.3 (2007-6-18) Update list:

1. New frequency calculation method
2. Fixed the “downcore” bug
3. New stability test finished
4. Fixed some bugs

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.2 (2007-6-8) Update list:

1. Added GH CPU support
2. Added DDR3 memory support
3. Deleted CDefaultCPU class to speed up program start
4. Added NB Speed and NB Multiplier labels on “Basic Info” page.
5. Added 3 slides and 3 labels to modify and display each core’s FID, and they will disappear on
other platforms.

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.1 (2007-6-1) Update list:

1. Corrected HT Link and Memory Controller’s device ID
2. Fixed wrong current frequencies and voltages in “Clock/Voltage” page when no BIOS support
3. Use p-state registers to calculate current CPU multiplier
4. Fixed L3 cache size error on GH CPU
5. Modified cache size display format in “Basic Info” page
6. Updated the method to find max HT Link multiplier

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.1 (2007-5-31) Update list:

1. Improved UI response performance
2. "Apply Settings" button not only save but also apply all settings now.
3. Fixed FID/VID check error on Greyhound CPU
4. Added some detailed debug info
5. Added Greyhound CPU and DDR2/DDR3 memory controller
6. Added “Device List” page in preference menu
7. Fixed incorrect memory clock bug
8. Fixed some small bugs

AMD OverDrive™ Utility 1.0 (2007-5-23) Update list:

This is an initial release.