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Chicken Patty
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Jan 29, 2014
Nov 27, 2007
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Jul 3, 1987 (Age: 28)
Miami, Florida
Intermodal, Container Dispatch.

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Chicken Patty

WCG Moderator, 28, from Miami, Florida

Staff Member
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Jan 29, 2014
    1. Keny_Robert_Keen
      Thanks man, Since I intend to design/build a new case from scratch and maybe even comercialise it, I would love to hear what you would think as indispensable to a case. I'm thinking about native support for watercooling with a separate chamber for rads and pumps/reservoirs and patterns for optional side-panel cuts for acrilic windows with included/soldered mounts and blueprints. Anything you would like to add?!
    2. Keny_Robert_Keen
      Hi there! The pump is tied on with some cable ties, the base sandwiched between some thick velcro pads to absorb the vibrations. I screwed some bases in the case to be able to tie it, you can see a couple of those down where the USB cable is tied down to the case, the white square things. you can't see in the pics but there are a couple of small holes in those plastic squares you can use to screw it in the case if needed.
    3. Keny_Robert_Keen
    4. mudkip
      I added you on msn :D
    5. [DGK]
      Yo Idol,awesome Rig man Pro status,yo take yer time bro..im not rushin or somethin,kinda embarassed,my Project is halted PPC smuggle is coming this 20th,.

      gots some Question about fittings man,i Changed tube size so hav no idea what size o fittings i shld get.
    6. mudkip

      CP is mine already go get yourself another dude
    7. [DGK]
      Yo CP apreciate the effort man,Lookin 4ward teh it.just link me to flickr or photobucket or w/e image hosting u gon use.So wanna see my Idols rig man haha
    8. mudkip
      I wish that you were going to say that.

      I feel very flattered by you.
    9. [DGK]
      Yo CP,you got a Rig gallery?Man i havnt seen you rig,even in XS.Show that beast to me man.
      That beast within.

      standing by
    10. mudkip
      i love you

    11. mudkip
    12. [DGK]
      Yo w'sup CP just droppin by saying Holla teh ye
    13. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      we'll figure it out little by little bro :toast:
    14. grunt_408
      Thanks for trying to help me dude I bet I have overlokked something stupid :p
    15. grunt_408
      I got 3.5 GHz :p 4 is too illusive atm
    16. My89SHO
      sup yo? how are you
    17. RevengE
      it's about time you went back to the original avy.
    18. mlee49
      Yay!! Original Avvy FTW!
    19. Duxx
      Aim Gogogo fakeusercoldkamu
    20. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      damn dude, sorry to hear about that. You better now?
    21. demonkevy666
      I got a hiata hernia. stupid hospital you should see my bill :( like I'm going to pay that they could even find it.
    22. RevengE
      Haha, I figured that or you got one :) were you on Srtforums by chance? A bunch of my friends have Srt4's four have neons one has the new caliber.
    23. RevengE
      why does your email have SRT4 in it? Did you get one?
    24. Triprift
      Dude ya need your old avvy back.
    25. JrRacinFan
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    Jul 3, 1987 (Age: 28)
    Miami, Florida
    Intermodal, Container Dispatch.
    Cars, Computers


    Help save lives, CRUNCH and/or FOLD for Team TPU and make a difference!
    Crunching with a 2600K, i7-950, FX-8120

    "AlienIsGOD - Awe!!! CP has grown from a small chicken nugget to the IMMENSE PATTY and WCG Team leader he is today":toast: :toast:
  • System Name: Cruncher #1 & Main Rig
    Processor: Intel Core i7 2600K
    Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 B3
    Cooling: Prolimatech Megashadow
    Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600
    Video Card(s): HIS Radeon 6850
    Hard Disk(s): Super Talent GX2 64GB SSD (OS) // Seagate 500GB (Programs) // Seagate 1TB (Storage)
    Optical Drive: External Samsung Slim DVD Drive
    LCD/CRT Model: Toshiba 40" LED 1080P TV
    Case: NZXT Source 210 Elite (White)
    Sound Card: Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer Edition
    Power Supply: BFG Tech 1000W Modular
    Software: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - Bit
    Benchmark Scores: Real man crunch for TPU! :)