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Oct 15, 2006
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Missoula, MT, USA

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, Male, from Missoula, MT, USA

Roaming Epicness Nov 15, 2014

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Viewing forum list, May 23, 2015 at 6:43 AM
    1. Kursah
      Roaming Epicness
    2. Solaris17
      Hey Kursah how do you like your D14? does it fit well in that case?
      1. BumbleBee
        D14 is like a tank lol
        Oct 23, 2014
      2. Kursah
        I love it...though I don't have the D14, I have the U14. It's a single tower and single fan that competes with the D14... the D15 is based on the U14S. The U14 is a beast for a single tower, but it's great all around for me.

        Quiet, effective, and excellent mounting hardware. I highly
        It clears my Lian Li just fine, but my case is wider than the standard mid-tower spec too.
        Oct 23, 2014
    3. n-ster
      You know you want to buy something from my FS thread :D
    4. Kursah
      Wonder if they could do that! Plus it's more like 80%! haha!


      I keep forgetting about the custom title, thanks for the reminder! :rockout:
    5. mlee49
      custom title suggestion: :toast:

      You seriously use it in like 50% of your posts! :p
    6. Hayder_Master
      you go a head for 5K post , good work my friend
    7. Kursah
      Thanks! Damn you know I haven't really thought of anything, I've still got a while before I'll hit 5k, it'll happen when it happens, but damn...good call I gotta start thinking now lol! Thanks for the compliments mlee49, I really appreciate it!

    8. mlee49
      Almost to 5k posts, any thoughts on a custom title?

      And by the way your posts are awesome!
    9. Ether
      Howdy!..Ok!..back with some info.
      GPU stability test: 1620 x 1200 x MSAA 16X : 35FPS : start 41deg C : peak after 5 min 75deg C.
      MemTest: Intel X38/X48(ECC Disabled)-FSB:400Mhz-typeDR Mem 4095M-5047 Mbps Ram 600Mhz(DDR1200)/cas:9-9-9-24/dual channel
      L1 - 32k-45073Mbps : L2 - 6114k-20916Mbps : L3 none.
      Walltime=0:34min : Cached=4095 : RsvdMem=572k : MemMap=e820-std : Cache=on : ECC=off : Test=std : Pass=1 : ERR=0 : ECC ERR=0.

      Thanks for your help and hope to hear from you soon.

    10. Solaris17
    11. Jrob
      ima go eat kurash pm me your eamil.

    12. Kursah
      I'll check it out, I wouldn't worry too awful much...you can get a cheap-o DMM that'll be fairly accurate for around $5-10 if you're really worried tho!

    13. CrAsHnBuRnXp
      Dont have a DMM unfortunately. And it is through software. Asus Probe II actually. So im going to take it with a grain of salt. :)

      Check out my X3350 overclocking thread. Its in there.
    14. Kursah
      I would say test with a DMM if that's Software/BIOS Voltage Read-Out. My G/F's GB P35 reads the 12V at 12.62v on an Antec SmartPower 5.0, but it's right at about 12.05v.

    15. CrAsHnBuRnXp
      What would you say about a PSU that had 12.60 on the +12v?
    16. CrAsHnBuRnXp
      What up noob? :laugh:
    17. Kursah
      Dude that's crazy stuff! The dream relation probably has nothing to even do with TPU, but interesting focus on the staff and this site! I'm glad it was just a dream!
    18. Solaris17
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