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Jun 25, 2016 at 3:36 PM
Oct 6, 2004
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Moderprator, from Australalalalalaia.

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People need to stop asking me questions here, as i get no notifications posts have been made here. Feb 15, 2015

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Jun 25, 2016 at 3:36 PM
    1. Mussels
      same problem here. report it in feedback.
    2. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      hi i'm havig an odd experience ,when i click on Asrock 775s61 Motherboard
      by Jstn7477 10-26-2009 05:17 on SysTool (discontinued) i get this
      :wtf: any ideas ?
    3. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      hi m i was thinking of getting a xbox 360 pad for "cough"emulation do i need any drivers to make that pad work in xp, or is it just p'n'p, and will it work in most pc games that have joypad support any advice would be appreciated:)
    4. Mussels
      thats fucking ridiculous!

      atkinsons going crazy!
    5. Triprift
    6. Mussels
      lol, i see why you kept that one to yourself
    7. crazyeyesreaper
      you said you were intrested in my futurama comment it as far as the E 9600 thread was concerned they way he formed his questions and had no idea what he was trying to say made me want to suggest a visit to the suicide booth with bender :roll: but i was good i dont need infractions like the Mailman
    8. Mussels
      it was reported as flamebait, and had good reasons.

      Just because a thread was closed, doesnt mean you cant ask for help again - just try and word it so that the same people dont come causing the same crap again.
    9. [H]@RD5TUFF
      may I asked why you closed the thread?

      I'm sorry you FEEL I was flaming, but I was asking for help.
    10. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      i see, thought he might have posted something naughty in the The Official Hot Girl Thread :laugh:
      hey you'll have to call yourself Moderator - with a cat! with that avy:laugh:;)

      oh yes nearly forgot happy new year [IMG]
    11. Mussels
      it was lame boring FHM pics with links to buy golf clubs. spam at its stupidest.
    12. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      was someone (Daght in gn) naughty while i was gif'ing, dam i only saw one post of some fhm pics but that was it was there naughtier?
    13. Triprift
      Merry christmas mon have a good one.
    14. Mussels
      you dont have to ask me about everything you do...

      especially since i'm usually asleep when you ask.
    15. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      meh never mind it's sent ;)
    16. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      hi m just wondering if i should i report this to the boss [IMG] from this page?
    17. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
    18. Triprift
    19. Solaris17
      you need an x-mas avvy now.
    20. Mussels
      actually i'm on a HD4200 now on my media PC

      its useless for gaming, but it runs aero/HD media with room to spare.

      if you want to game on it, stuff like CS source/TF2 on low resolutions is about as good as you'll get
    21. El_Mayo
      Dude, i saw in your avatar you're running an HD 3200 intergrated graphics thingy :)
      does it cope (fairly) well in games? i need something to tide me over for 2-4 weeks
    22. TheMailMan78
      At least you brought me dinner. Such a gentleman.
    23. Mussels
    24. TheMailMan78
    25. Mussels
      i didnt move it.

      lots of MW2 threads got closed, since there was already other threads talking about the same things. Then the main thread ended up full of trolls, and closed as well.
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    i5 3550 (not OC'd yet) | GA-Z68-D3-B3 | 8GB 1600Mhz C9 |Sapphire Dual-X OC 7970 3GB | Corsair GS 600 (The waifus system)
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  • System Name: $300 PC. Scavenged a lot of second hand/free parts.
    Processor: i7 3770k @ 4.6GHz (1.29v, delidded IHS)
    Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
    Cooling: Corsair H80
    Memory: 24GB 2400MHz, C11 (Hybrid dual channel. small perf hit for 3 sticks)
    Video Card(s): Gigabyte 970 4GB "G1 Super OverClocked"
    Hard Disk(s): 120GB Kingston SSD (OS) + 512GB Samsung 830 (games) (20+TB of mechanical on server)
    Optical Drive: Samsung Blu Ray drive (SH-B083A)
    LCD/CRT Model: Sony 46" HDTV / 23.6" Samsung - both 1080p
    Case: Antec Sonata II
    Sound Card: Pioneer VSX-519V + Yamaha YHT-270 / sennheiser HD595/518 + bob marley zion's
    Power Supply: Corsair HX 1000W
    Mouse: Logitech G700S + G700
    Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate + Logitech Dinovo Edge
    Software: Windows 10 pro x64 (all systems. win 8.1 and win 7 on dual boots for troubleshooting)
    Benchmark Scores: Laptops i7-3632QM + 7670 2GB (OC'd to 2.9GHz, 801/920) i3 Ultrabook (Daily PC on HDTV), i3 380UM
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