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Oct 6, 2004
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Moderpator Nov 21, 2013

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Aug 20, 2014 at 3:27 PM
    1. JimminyFinch
      Heya Mussels just wanted to thank you for helping. Im just going to switch to Windows 7 and bypass the whole issue. Thanks alot, much obliged! :D :respect:
    2. dr emulator (madmax)
    3. btarunr
      Happy Birthday Mussels!
    4. mlee49
      Mussels, can you lock up my most recent thread in the Nvidia subsection about the SLI profile update? Overlooked it in the new section and doesnt need to take up space.
    5. Mussels
      i'm not a mod of B/S/T
    6. pantherx12
    7. jmcslob
      Hey thanks for coming thru with some common sense bro...
      I've been out of whack of late...
    8. jmcslob
    9. @RaXxaa@
      its not personal.

      i just like typing :D (and i'm trying to get you on the right track from the start, if we get you thinking through the problem the right way, you're going to solve it faster)
      Erocker makes me think otherwise
    10. Mussels
      havent got any dust storm here
    11. erocker
      Man, I just saw some pictures.. Are you riding out that dust storm right now?!
    12. Mussels
      gone. dunno why, even if it was crap news, worst case is no one would have posted.
    13. TheMailMan78
      I have two pages man. You and Bta are the only two I'm missing. In the future no one in their right mind can say this forum isn't fair :laugh:
    14. Solaris17
      thanks ;) i love the change. and the title change its awsome because its fitting.
    15. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      I'm watching you dr_emulator [IMG]

      P.S, what you all think of my new avatar lol?
      yes love the avy, hm it does make it harder to recognise you at first as we are all used to your old one.

      sorry i meant to reply sooner,but just got back from returning this vibrator, i mean fan:laugh: actually i don't no why i bought it, i was meant to get 2 12 cm fans,but somehow persuaded myself into getting a 22cm :shadedshu it's for my summer retreat (or shed outside:laugh:) well i call it my summer retreat as no one is near it and it's really peacefull in there, and my pc's going in there with my modem, when i get my act together, i need to do some wood cutting first though,i can't wait till it's finished :D

      yes that smilley would be great as a warning to members who might be getting a little tetchy with each other ,hey they can't report ya for being a bad mod if you don't say anything ,it's just to let them know your there :D i'm sure people wouldn't take offence
      anyway if people don't behave civilised, what do they expect, flowers ;)
      well i'm off to wire my window fans up as it's getting hot again :cry:
    16. Mussels
      I'm watching you dr_emulator [IMG]

      P.S, what you all think of my new avatar lol?
    17. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      hey did you read this post i think you should use it :laugh:

      1. Moderator is always right.
      2. If a moderator is not right, see 1.

      but you must have this smilley [IMG] for fear effect underneath the text;)
      or just use the smilley
    18. Solaris17
      your avitar is old again

      /request change
    19. Solaris17
      thanks bro
    20. Mussels
      solaris - Comments and feedback
    21. Solaris17
      do you know if its possible if we can make a psp ds hand held sub forum under games? or at least a sticky for each one? i think it would be cool :)
    22. Mussels
      no idea - likely its the image server as i've never seen a picture limit before.
    23. CDdude55
      I was here.yay
    24. ryanomac
      Thank for the help and info man I really appreciate it. Ive been to alot of forums and when people ask thing that are generally considered noob questions they get shunned, but this seems a little different. Ive never seen 3 people come to help and answer questions that quickly all without any negativity
    25. Mussels
      but the forums LIKE it
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  • System Name: Hi-5 / Down-Lowd
    Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.85GHz / i3 2130
    Motherboard: Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 / P67A-C45
    Cooling: Corsair H80 / Stpcl
    Memory: 24GBGB 1450MHz / 8GB 1600MHz
    Video Card(s): Sapphire Dual-X OC 7970 3GB - 1125MHz/1500MHz / Geforce 550 TI OC
    Hard Disk(s): Intel 520 SSD each, 20TB of external storage
    Optical Drive: Samsung Blu Ray drive (SH-B083A)
    LCD/CRT Model: Sony 46" HDTV / 23.6" Samsung - both 1080p
    Case: Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced (non window) / case with rusty USB ports that fry things :D
    Sound Card: Auzentech X-Mystique (Logitech Z5500D + sennheiser HD555 + bob marley zion's)
    Power Supply: Corsair HX 1000W / Corsair TX 750
    Software: Windows 8.1 (Start8 + modern mix)
    Benchmark Scores: Laptop: A6 2.2GHz quad core. Galaxy note 3 (4G), Note 10.1 (2014) , galaxy tab 3 8.0"