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ATI 6870 Lag , please Read this carefully !

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by Active8, May 3, 2011.

  1. Active8 New Member

    May 3, 2011
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    Hi guys

    I recently Bought my New Rig & my specs are :

    Mobo :MSI 790fx-GD70 ( Quad Crossfire Ready )
    CPU :phenom 2 955 BE ( running Hot 60C while Gaming )
    RAM :2x2GB DDR3 1333Mhz Supertalent
    VGA :ATI 6870 Twinfrozr
    HDD :Hitachi 500GB 16Mb 7200 RPM
    Monitor : Samsung BM1932 ( 1440x900 ) @ 75HZ
    PSU: http://www.green-case.com/products/power/power.php?model=GP685B
    CASE: Green X3 Gaming ( enough room for Crossfire )
    OS: WIndows 7 Ultimate 32Bit

    Now I Ran My Previous Games uch faster

    For example i ran Mafia 2 @ 70-90Fps , COD 7 very Smoothly , & almost all games RAN VERY GREAT ! GTA EFLC @ 40 FPS ! & all maxedout ! Crysis 2 More than 70 FPS !

    NOW my Problems are these :

    1.Crysis Warhead : its running great Maxedout EVEN 8x Wont Hurt but When Very Fardistance step in game Turns to 30 FPs , its running 35-40 Fps & i can Get 60 FPs when i am Looking at Ground or Close Distance ! I tried turnning down aa & lowering Res EVEn Pulled All setings to Gamer , but i still got Does Freezing Some times ! game doesnt run with Fixed FPs & speed ! some times its Fast & some times Its Slow !

    2.Counter Strike Source : ran at 75 FPS with my 9600GT & now its Running sam with my 6870 !
    3.Dead rising 2 : when I Go Out Side With 1000000 of Zombies & so far Distance Game is running at 30 FPs but its Playable & FIne !
    4.Saints Row 2 lags & slow In almost Every where !
    5.ARMA 2 is running Great but When i go to Big City game Runs little Slower , it runs great at Forests too ! but i have Problem with Cities !

    NOw I think that I m geting Bottleneck from CPU , because my Res is Pretty Low ( 1440x900 ) Now What can i do to Solve this Little Lags & play my These Games at Great FPS like 50 or 60 ? Highering Resolution wont help because then i will limit my GPu !

    1.CAN I CROSSFIRE MY 6870 ? do i have enoguth PSu ? will my CPu bottleneck it ? or i will have Succesfull Crossfire ?
    2.if not then what about upgrade my VGA to 6950 or 70 ?

    Dont Suggest me To buy i7 or Sandy Bridge because I already Researched & i7 doesnt Increas FPS that Much ! i saw i7 920 + Crossfired 4890 ran slower than Phenom 955 BE + Crossfired 4890 !

    Just tell me what to DO ? Does games Run fine but I expected to see much more but Now i wanna get Higher FPS & enjoy more !
  2. didoop New Member

    May 1, 2011
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    GZ to your new computer :)
    1. Idk why you can run it maxed out 8x AA , when HD 5970 was first graphic card to run it MAX with antialiasing :)
    2.Try setting max FPS. Or try different graphics setting
    3. Console port , weird optimalisation on AMD , I think it's TWIMTBP - so don't expect some nice FPS with AMD ; try some patches
    4. This is console port and sucks BIG time on nvidia - had lot of problems with GTX295 ; anyway , you have AMD. But this time I would guess CPU bottleneck , because my friend with HD5870 and i7 920 have no problems at all - 60 FPS !!! maybe som new patches can help ... again :)

    And yea , you have bottleneck with CPU ; try some OC , maybe 4 GHZ will make it better. Never had AMD , and this is why ( why you didn't go sandy bridge ???)

    1. YES YOU CAN :), BUT - any multi GPU is only with 1155 and 1366 , forget about AMD CPU ...
    PSU no problem at all :)
    2. first upgrade your CPU - :D - trust me - intel is your cure right now ... Now sandy bridge with great prices (still asking myself if it's still intel).

    Where you saw this ?!?
    BTW i7 920 on 3.6 GHZ is on par with Phenom X6 1090 T:)

    Conclion : sell CPU and mobo , buy some intel P67 MoBo and 2500K :)
  3. theoneandonlymrk


    Mar 10, 2010
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    Manchester uk
    try turning post processing and physics down a notch or 2 in games that have that option (warhead) as these will be slowing the games engine down (you do need a high clocked cpu for physics, and post processing happens after the screens renderred so the more it does the longer it takes to process) and in general i think your expecting a bit much dude

    and mafia uses physx so its bound to be slower on an ati card with the cpu doing the physx

    didoop you an intel rep the OP's only just bought that pc why would he be selling it, ava word he wanted help not fanboy bumming intel..... intel..... ohh intel
  4. didoop New Member

    May 1, 2011
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    I know , that I'm promoting intel , but benchmarks, issues and experiences just won't let me think other way ...
  5. crazyeyesreaper

    crazyeyesreaper Chief Broken Rig

    Mar 25, 2009
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    and yet here i am on a Phenom II with 2x 6970s no issues at all and 90% of the games i play are TWIMTBP titles.

    face is its probably a bad driver install, overclocked the CPU/ NB will help as thats what truly limits phenom II systems CPU / NB controls cache speed on the chip and should be double the ram speed

    aka 1333mhz 7 7 7 21 1T timing he should try pushing the NB to 2600mhz gives a 1 to 1 ratio with the L3 cache on the AMD chip also helps with GPU performance.

    Im just gonna go out on a limb tho and guess the OP dosent know what hes doing or PC games actual requirements

    Crysis and Crysis warhead are heavily unoptimized 30fps avg is what you should expect at 8xAA and Very high / enthusiast settings

    fact is a 6870 according to reviews at Enthusiast settings only gets 43fps at 1280x1024 2xAA and 32fps at 1600x1200 meaning in that game your performance is where it should be, so stop complaining everyone who PC games knows Crysis and Crysis Warhead are a bitch to run, and Crysis 2 has lesser graphics and is a console port of course it runs better, its using less advanced graphics tech so it can scale across multiple platforms.

    Saints Row 2 is a piece of shit game, it runs like shit on everything and its so bad that Saints Row 2 took the worst optimized game titles away from Grand Theft Auto 4 when it was released, Its never run good on any hardware ever.

    Counter Strike source is running at 75fps cause OMG HERP DERP you have Vsync enabled which caps the fps to 75fps because your monitors refresh rate is 75 vsync stops tearing of textures etc aka smoother look but can cause input lag etc so some use it some dont its a personal preference thing.

    ARMA 2 is a system hog it looks good but if your trying to max it out graphics wise your trying to get to much out of the graphics card

    overall yes you can crossfire, your cpu wont bottleneck it that much but it will bottleneck a little bit the NB overclock i talked about before will remove that bottleneck. but at 1440x900 crossfire or SLI if looking at nvidia gpus wont scale that great, multi gpu is really ment for 1680x1050 *lowest res you should use* or higher resolutions

    as for Arma 2 performance heres a review showing performance across hardware at the time please take note that a 4870x2 performance is roughly the same as a 6870 maybe a bit higher then 6870 but not by much.

    learn to google the games your having issues with and your components, 9/10 all the info i just said could have been found with simple google searches. taking less then 15-20 seconds per search
  6. Aceman.au


    Jun 19, 2008
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    Make sure no background media programs are running. My 6870 CF setup clocks get pushed back to 300mhz (2D clock) when internet video players like Youtube are running in the background and don't go up until I close it. I go from 400-1000 FPS in COD4 to less than 200 FPS when running youtube and COD4 at the same times...

    WoW: 60-200 FPS (depending on environment) @ maxium clocks.
    To less than 30 fps with youtube running.

    Just a solution.
  7. Active8 New Member

    May 3, 2011
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    Oh man its Wiered , when i had E2160 Old Dual Core, i could Listen to music & Play arma 2 ! arma with Music = aram2 Without music ! but now I can See difference , SO I set My Media Player's Affinity to 1Core & game Runs Smooth !

    OK First OF all Thanks For Ur Great Replies , One of you Said GO for Intel , because AMD is not Good FOr Dual GPU ! IS it EVEN Correct ? AMD is coming out from Same place that ATi VGa cards Come out ! so why it SHould hav e Problems with Crossfire ?

    OK I WANNA KNOW if i keep my CPU at Stock Speed ! then How much will be the Bottleneck of Dual 6870 ? I can provide 1600x1200 Res Monitor , is that Enough ? because i think Ultra High Res will cause GPU LIMITATIOn so what do u think ?

    Mobo & RAM & PSU : fine for Crossfire
    Res: Unknow ( if i get 20inch Monitor with 1600x1200 res Will i be able to Have Succesfull Crossfire with Minimal Bottleneck )
    CPU: Unknow ( how much should i OC it to Be fine for Crossfire ? )

    I wanna DO Crossfire & i realy Wanna See Real Crossfire Performance or ome thing close to it ! i dont wanna add another 6870 & see i am Geting Huge Bottkleneck ! so Please tell me Which Things SHould change to Make Good Room for Crossfire ? )

    But away Going for Intel+p67 needs huge Money Bought My Rig Recently & all i can do is Crossfire ! no more Money got in my Pocket !
  8. Active8 New Member

    May 3, 2011
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    I Went To Catalyst 11.4 Control Panel & Truned VSYNC off ! & It Realy helped , now Counter Strike Runs at 229 FPS & Dead Rising 2 FPs just unlocked But game is Not Running with Fixed Speed , Crowded Places game turns into 30 FPs !

    But it helped !

    Ho can I say , Dead Rising 2 & GTA EFLC , both RUN VERY VERY FAST But Some times they Just Freezing for a sec & let the Game go !

    How can i say its ALl like this ( gta eflc) : Car is Running Very Fast & smooth I try to GO into New Location & i have to Spin or Face with new building ( not in every where ) game Freezes For Second ! Little Lags After it & then Game Runs Very Smooth again , like this 45 , 45 , 30 , 35 ,30 , 45 , 50 , 60 45 FPS ! I WANt Fixed FPS for example 40Fpsor 50 fps ! not Crazy Fast & slow

    Tis happens with Dead Rising 2 too , for example when I go Trought the VERY BIG place FULL OF ZOMBIES ! when i move the Mouse I experience 30 FPs & when i move it To close DIstance 40-50 -60 FPs COmes Up !

    WHy is This Happening ! Its Not Lag its Something like i dont know how to say !! u say what it Is !
    Last edited: May 4, 2011

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