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Codemasters F1 PC 2009 gets detailed !

Discussion in 'Games' started by wolf2009, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. wolf2009 Guest

    I'm sure this must be very good news for all the F1 fans on PC :D

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  2. Kovoet


    Mar 9, 2008
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    Geoff Crammond F1 GP was still the best. There are editors out which they have last years spec'ed cars, awesome game
  3. OnBoard

    OnBoard New Member

    Sep 16, 2006
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    Thanks for the info. I was most scared about it being too dumbed down, glad they went with the assistant route. They worked great on the F1 GP series and in GranTurismo series, (almost) every game should be like that.

    Not moddable part sounds only bad part at the moment, but grand prix tracks should keep the interest quite a while and there is possibly reverse and maybe alternate courses.

    Tyre wear and pitstops, oh what an awesome game GRiD would have been with them (and proper assist/no-assist balance). I'm in no way hard core simulation fan, ToCa was plenty fine with me. I just like tyre wear and pitstops that gives some tactical options to even a short race. Do you drive like a maniac, ruin your tyres and hope you made enough time to pit, or take it slow & steady with one set.

    I also like car setup not so much in make it the fastest possible, but tune it so that it suits my driving style. There will always be faster drivers and those who have better setups, just hope that there is no setup cheat possible. Codemasters take their time with patches and that'll instantly ruin a not-setup game.

    This time I seriously hope they listened to all our cries on GRiD forums and no-assist is faster than assisted car, like it should be (not other way around like in GRiD). More assists you put the more it should slow you down, but still keep both drivers competitive according to their skills.

    Oh and most importantly proper online options and anti cheat/griefing measures from the start. It took way too long to get GRiD playable online, with missing options and ghosting wrong way drivers. Well there are always those who try to ruin the fun for others, but the less the better.

    edit: a BIG plus would be rearview mirror to hood and bumber cams. I know that it's not realistic, but I'd rather be able to see someone coming from back tryin to pass than to steer to his side/him ram me and take both out.
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  4. vega22


    Jul 18, 2007
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    anybody wanting their f1 fix on pc now should google rfactor and its f1 mods as its the best way i have found for mine anywhere :D

    nothing is better than taking a f1 car round the nurburgring :rockout:

    thanks for the info bro, will read it now :toast:
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