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EeePC 900 and GPU-Z

Discussion in 'GPU-Z' started by gggrrl, Mar 27, 2010.

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    Mar 27, 2010
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    GPU-Z did not appear to read more than the vendor ID, otherwise why not have results for Bandwidth, or Memory for GPU Clock or Default Clock and why not show change for different settings in GMABooster?


    In another thread, Mrhuggles reports changes reflected in GPU-Z results.

    I know little about GPU-Z or GMABooster results.

    I do see a difference in Fox on Demand "Fringe" streaming video, as well as, CW "Smallville". I selected 250 MHz (1.5x Boost) and the video was smooth and excellent video.

    FIOS broadband and WiFI G here:


    I have somewhat optomized the EeePC 900 with trimming out XP Home and the Asus-Phison SSD to 3.80 GB Used space and running Flashfire. Most additional optimizations are listed in this thread over at EeePC Forum.

    There are better threads over there for overclocking.

    My interest is only optimization. I do not have games on my machine.

    I do have other interests in performance. I have fooled around with raytracing, and stuff.

    I got invited to BeOS corporate office for a run 6 Intel CPU's, me and one other guy.

    If answering my question involves knowing what I have done to this EeePC 900, have a look at that forum rather long posting, not more than page 1.

    I was 'not a bit happy' Firefox took off and ran away: it had only 3 tabs open: that forum thread, Photobucket, and Google. The only difference was I was running TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.4.0 Sensors > Log to file also Continue refreshing this screen while GPU-Z is in the background.

    I did see afterward in GPU-Z.0.4.0 Properties > Compatibility > Display settings > Disable visual themes and Input settings > Turn off advanced text services for this program

    The log file shows on 200 MHz. I stressed the system with one "broadband" quality .wma video running off the drive and up to two streaming video, one added at a time. The second streaming video, CW "Smallville" was slow to load and start and was had missing frames (choppy video) however correctly drawn.

    I had Zone Alarm Pro engine literally smoke my Fujitsu P2010, when Zone Alarm Pro and the little-P were new. Fortunately, the P was in warranty, but a P2020 was substituted. Not as good.

    I do not have money to burn, and so I am done with the requested "test" from novadaemon.

    However, I am willing to provide any information about the services selections, that I run Firefox off a Class 4 SD card Portable Apps, or whatever.

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