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Is a reference gtx 880 likely to be faster than a stock 780ti kingpin?

Discussion in 'NVIDIA' started by AlienDemigod, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Mar 13, 2014
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    GTX 680 was the top end card for the 600 series but bear in mind that the GTX 670/680 were GK104 GPUs. That designation 104 used to mean midrange GPUs. The GK110, the real high end Keplers didn't come out for almost a year later. If the GTX 880 is a GM204 as rumored and still on the 28nm process then it's a difficult call to know whether it will beat the GTX 780Ti. If it were on the 20nm process then I would think that it could easily beat a 780Ti because Nvidia could push the clocks up for the same wattage used and the Maxwell design is more efficient anyway.
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    So there is some user on OC.net that says he hasn't touched the Maxwell but knows some peeps that might have and the performance is beating the 290x by a good amount. I was gonna buy a couple of 290s for 4K, but now I think I'm gonna wait. This maybe our 4K card (I said it wouldn't be in another thread.)
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    corrected, well if it's proven to be true ... but until "real bench" surfacing : no real clue, not mention of what is a good amount ... if its 15%-20% then 290X/780Ti or even 290/780 will still have sunny days in front of them.

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