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[Case Gallery] Jabil Tabor 440BX Aspire

Discussion in 'Case Mod Gallery' started by DavKor13, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. DavKor13 Guest

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    Name: Jabil Tabor 440BX Aspire.
    Housing/Case: Acer Aspire (98' vintage)ATX case with PowMax 450watt power supply.
    Motherboard: Jabil Tabor Pentium2/3 Slot-1,intel 440BX chipset ATX form factor motherboard(Gateway 2000 pull).
    CPU: 1Ghz Pentium3 socket370 on "Slocket" adapter.
    Memory: 192MB 128pin SDRAM.
    Floppy Disk Drive: Acer OEM 1.44MB floppy disk drive.
    Harddrive(s): One Maxtor 10GB EIDE UDMA HDD, one Maxtor 30GB EIDE UDMA HDD.
    DVD-RW/CD-RW/CD-ROM: Sony DW-Q30A.
    Display Adapter: ATI RAGE LT Pro x2 AGP with 8MB video SGRAM.
    USB Ports:(7) Two 1.1's OEM on motherboard, two on PCI expansion card, four on USB hub.
    Mouse/Pointing Device: Logitech optical mouse
    Keyboard: Kensington 101-key keyboard.
    LAN: Generic 10/100 RJ-45 ethernet.
    Monitor: ViewSonic 17" UltraBrite A70f+ SVGA CRT monitor.
    Soundcard: I/O Magic Crystal chipset soundcard.
    Speakers: Altec Lansing stereo computer speakers.
    WebCam: Logitech USB QuikCam.
    Video Capture Card: FAST Elecronics FPS/60 S-video/Composite video ISA capture card with MPEG-1 encoding/decoding daughter card.
    Fans: Original Intel OEM socket370 CPU Heatsink/Fan assembly, three 80mm 4 LED fans(one blue, two red).

    My good computer friend Sttomcat3 custom cut out the side-window opening, and installed the window/fan. The Acer case's original Acer OEM CD-ROM did'nt work, so we removed it and secured a black cross-hatch screen grill in which we mounted illuminating LEDs. He did the same to a front half of louvered former dual-fan 5.25" exhaust vent. He installed various LEDs in it.
    Some case badges, and theres my Acer Aspire given a "Make-Over".
  2. oscllc Guest

    Oh man, I remember those cases, always thought they had potential.. nice work.

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