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Launch of GELID Solutions - New Thermal Solution Brand

Discussion in 'News' started by W1zzard, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. W1zzard

    W1zzard Administrator Staff Member

    May 14, 2004
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    One of the founders of Arctic Cooling Gebhard SCHERRER and his business associate VC TRAN incorporate a new thermal solution company GELID Solutions Ltd. in Hong Kong.

    GELID Solutions: The English word "gelid" is derived from the Latin word “gelidus” (extremely cold, icy).

    As a Hong Kong based company with Swiss Management, GELID Solutions designs and manufactures innovative, virtually silent and high-performance CPU coolers, case fans, thermal compound and other computer hardware for both gamers and silent enthusiasts.
    GELID Solutions Ltd. provides computer hardware distributors, retailers and system integrators with top quality one-stop thermal solutions – from bearings to thermal compound, from design to shipping, from the moulding of the fan to the print on the box – with state-of-the-art machinery and experienced staff.

    “I am thrilled to be back in this dynamic industry and look forward to developing innovative and exciting products with my new team of colleagues,” said Gebhard Scherrer co-founder and Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.
    “We aim for high quality, innovation and best service and, being Swiss, we leave nothing to chance,” said VC TRAN co-founder and Marketing Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.
    Both founders have worked in the PC Cooling industry for a number of years and successfully built up an IT company with their expertise. Through their formerly founded company, they established a globally recognised brand and stellar reputation in the IT industry.
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  2. btarunr

    btarunr Editor & Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 9, 2007
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    Hyderabad, India


    It makes sense to pack a small spatula with TIM.
  3. tkpenalty New Member

    Sep 26, 2006
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    Australia, Sydney
    I heard the company was formed by some ex-arctic cooling engineers or something... sounds pretty promising.
  4. OnBoard

    OnBoard New Member

    Sep 16, 2006
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    Well these are obviously nanoxia fx series fans repadged?


    But must be something to do with this http://www.nanoxia.com/ http://www.nanoxia.de/

    So the big question is. Are these fans illegal? These are all over stores and are sold with 10year warranty. Obviously you can't get any warranty now if the company doesn't exist anymore? I've though many times about buying a couple of these as they should be dust proof and usually a year or two of 24/7 use is enough to kill my fans.
  5. WarEagleAU

    WarEagleAU Bird of Prey

    Jul 9, 2006
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    Gurley, AL
    Well Im really excited about this. I cant wait to see what some of their coolers look like and how they perform. Perhaps something to catch up with Xigmatek?

    Love the thermal compound with the spatula. I wonder if its gonna be as good as AC MX-2?
  6. intel igent

    intel igent New Member

    Jun 5, 2005
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    Toronto, Canada
    any review's yet W1zz?
  7. CrAsHnBuRnXp


    Oct 19, 2007
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    Can you find this stuff online now? If so, Im so buying it. (so long as its a reasonable price)

    Edit: Apparently its 4.70 Euros. (7.31 USD)
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  8. talker96 New Member

    Jun 27, 2008
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    Nanoxia is still alive

    I bought from K&M Elektronik last Week a Nanoxia Fan....

    I was suprise to hear this news :eek:- so i call the Owner of Nanoxia - The XenMicro GmbH in Hamburg - Germany. Because they offered 10 Years Service, i was worry that they don`t do Service any more. Because the Nanoxia Website show closed.:wtf: But A kind Service Guy from Xenmicro told me - i should not be worry about the text on other Websites.Nanoxia is still continue and is now the Trademark of XenMicro GmbH and move to other Website: http://www.nanoxia.net and they bring now more new Fan and Watercooling Products.

    Service Guy didn`t know this Brand from Hongkong.

    So i guess they are diffrent Companies....

    This is what i findout with some Phonecalls

    My Point of view is that they copy Nanoxia Sytle very directly - is sad for People like these Arctic Cooling guys... but others had allready these idea.... :nutkick:


    the talker96;)

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