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My talk w/ Intel about TAT

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by SilentAces, May 23, 2007.

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    Feb 2, 2007
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    After all the talk of TAT and CoreTemp, T_case and T_junctions, i thought i would just see what Intel has to say about this..

    I received an E-mail, and also spoke to a gentleman on the phone..Tho somethings he said went beyond my exp...

    What i did understand:

    First off Intel says if you own an INTEL mobo, you should use this link and DL their monitor system..
    This is for INTEL motherboards only. It will not work with 3rd party boards with Intel chipsets..

    For the rest of us, here is what Intel says we should do..
    Find a trusted 3rd party monitor (speedfan lets say)..Now go to this link from Intel http://processorfinder.intel.com/default.aspx Fill in your cpu info...Find your "THERMAL SPECIFICATION"....

    The temp. listed under "Thermal Spec" is your T_case max temp..So if you use SpeedFan (happens to monitor T_case) you should see accurate T_case temps...Just keep them below what Intel states is your Thermal Spec....

    Probably the most important info i got from our phone call was this..
    TAT was made by a 3rd party for the Pentium M's, and should NOT be trusted to read correctly for all cpu's..Even C2D's....Tho some cpu's and TAT may read correct, others cpu's may not...

    He gave reasons why, but honestly i can't say that i understood and therefore can't re post what reasons he gave...Something to do with the T_junction and TCC...IDK..Something about no T_junction on the C2D's i think, only a TCC that can either be an 85c or 100c TCC...like i said, he talked well above me...sorry.

    Bottom line is this
    DO NOT USE TAT....Use a reliable 3rd party software that reads T_case..
    Then keep that reading below the recommended Thermal Spec. that Intel provides..

    DO NOT USE a 3rd party software that reads T_junction as Intel says that still can give incorrect readings...

    ALSO this was said....TAT is still a good 100% load tester for stock systems...Intel said that TAT will not damage cpu's at stock, but can not say that for OC'ed systems..Damage could happen if your oc is too high and TAT runs too long at 100%..

    Just for ref. If anyone owns a C2D on a Intel brand motherboard, could you download Intel's Desktop Utility Software and run it with SpeedFan to let us know if they read the same or not? Thanks..

    Hope this helps....I am sure someone with more exp. and knowledge than me will have some things to say on this..:rockout:

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