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NVidia 6800U Bios issues

Discussion in 'News' started by W1zzard, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. W1zzard

    W1zzard Administrator Staff Member

    May 14, 2004
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    HardTecs4U reports that there is an issue with many 6800U Boards with BIOS version, especially when used with ForceWare 61.77.

    When running 3D applications for extended time there is a high chance that freezes up to several seconds occur.

    This can be fixed by flashing the card with a newer BIOS - NVIDIA has been sending new BIOSes to manufacturers. Users are encouraged to upgrade at least to version

    However, the price of added stability with the new BIOS is decreased performance, this points in the direction of too aggressive timings in the bad BIOS.

    So far the problem has only been spotted on Ultra cards.
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  2. Unregistered Guest

    I'm having the same problem with my pny 6800gt what's the fix for me?
  3. W1zzard

    W1zzard Administrator Staff Member

    May 14, 2004
    15,316 (3.83/day)
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    get a new bios from your video card manufacturer
  4. Unregistered Guest

    Only spotted on the ultra cards? Come on, tons of guys with gt's have been having this problem as well. Including me. If someone can give me the rev, Id be happy to try it, but so far, nothing has worked at all :(
  5. Unregistered Guest

    flashed my pny 6800gt to newest bios rev. 2 and still have random freezes.
  6. Unregistered Guest

    I have an eVGA Ultra
    They posted a new BIOS just two days after the card were delivered.
    No problems here at all.
  7. Unregistered Guest

    BFGtech bios?

    I can't find any information on any kind of BIOS updates on BFGtech's site. Anyone have any ideas?

  8. Unregistered Guest

    Can't locate a BIOS either

    I'm on rev. with my BFG 6800 ultra and have been having a few problems. Think i should be worried? I too, am having problems aquiring a bios.
  9. Unregistered Guest

    Maybe that explains why most companies are sold out of the Ultras.
  10. Unregistered Guest

    "flashed my pny 6800gt to newest bios rev. 2 and still have random freezes."

  11. Worg Guest

    eVGA BIOS where?

    Where do you find the updated BIOS on the eVGA site?
  12. Unregistered Guest

    Make sure your 2d and 3d clocks are the same otherwise you may get some instability. Some manufacturers are shipping ultras overclocked in only the 3d setting (evga), luckily they have released a bios that set the clocks at 425 for both 2d and 3d. If your card comes default with different core speeds then you really should get a new bios. Fixing the clocks in windows won't help as much as getting a new bios
    Gt owners can download the updated ultra bois and hack it. For example my friend is using my evga ultra bios with his xfx gt. He edited the bios to bring down the core to 400 and kept the memory at 1.1ghz and is running without any problems.
  13. Unregistered Guest

    i have the asus v9999 ultra deluxe, i guess i need an asus bios for my 6800U huh? It comes defaulted at 425mhz then 1.2ghz, i had video freezes in BF1942 and all sorts of games with 61.77, but now i am running forceware 66.31 from guru3d.com and have no lockups. I think i have to wait for an asus bios for the 6800U, i dont know how to hack bios so i probably will let it be, unless i can use any old 6800 Bios.
  14. Unregistered Guest

    You don't need an asus bios. You can flash the bios with any other ultra bios as long as you put the parameters -j -p -u when you flash. Example: nvflash -j -p -u myultra.rom
    If you can wait for your manufacturer to update their bios then i recommend you do that. If you must flash your bios, then try the evga ultra bios. My bios is revision and while I didn't have stability issues before I flashed, I am now able to overclock way past 425 core without crashing during a doom 3 timedemo....something I could not do with my old bios.
  15. Unregistered Guest

    That sounds like good advice, im not too fluent with flashing video bios, i get kinda nervous considering the card was almost 600 bucks =) I am not having any problems with the current 66.31 drivers now, so i will just wait on the asus bios update, but just for shits and giggles, do you happen have a link to the evga 6800 ultra bios file? I will grab the NV bios flasher Utility from guru3d.com and await your responce.
  16. Unregistered Guest

    The link for the evga bios is http://www.evga.com/community/bios6800/6800U.asp *but* you need to enter your evga serial # to download it DOH! I suppose I could download it for you and send it to you somehow. Oh and I also know how it feels to flash a near $600 card.
  17. Unregistered Guest

  18. Unregistered Guest

    LOL yeah, sweat on the forhead when flashing it, i hear so many horror stories about people flashing video bios! THanks, the link worked great, i will report the outcome!
  19. Unregistered Guest

    I have a GT and I'm having the same problems, does that mean I should flash to the .07 Ultra bios?
  20. Unregistered Guest

    Man, you really CANT ruin a video card by flashing it. You could flash a copy of you midterm paper into the BIOS, and the worst you would have to do is a blind flash back to a valid BIOS.
  21. Unregistered Guest

    Don't flash your GT with the 07 ultra bios unless your card can handle being at 425/1.1ghz. If you know how to edit the bios then you could try that. I think the Ultra uses a higher voltage so you may want to watch out :p .
  22. Unregistered Guest

    Sure you can flash em 07 ultra if you edit the clock speeds to GT 350/1000 no problem.
  23. Unregistered Guest

    that's what i said :p
  24. Unregistered Guest

    Well I've been doing alot of testing and I think the freezing problem for the 6800gt's can be fixed. It seems the power hungry 6800 gpu's are not getting enough juice. I upped the 3d voltage using the latest version of omniextremeedit in my bios ( from 1.3v to 1.5v. then flashed my card. With this setting I have no freezes at all with 3dmark03, Doom III and Far Cry. Just to be sure this really fixed the problem, I flashed my card back to the rev. 2 bios with the 3d set at 1.3v, and immediately the freeze problems returned. Then I flashed my card back to the modified bios and the freezes disappeared. My best stable overclock now is 380/500. This may not seem like a great overclock to some people, but for someone like me who was freezing all the time at stock speeds this is great.

    P4 3.0c
    Abit IC7
    1 gig corsair 3200
    Antec trupower 430watts
    pny 6800gt
  25. Unregistered Guest

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