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OMG!!!! Direct Evidence for Cosmic Inflation

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by Drone, Mar 17, 2014.

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    Yet you will have me belive with the billions of miles/years and variables between us and then evidence perceived from an infant race in space would be able to tell how the universe was made. Space is cold....unless you are near the sun. Seriously we LIVE ON EARTH and haven't even mapped 100% of the oceans floor except though sonar which has been proven to not be 100% effective. But sure that star that's 5 light years away is made up of hydrogen. We know because its a lil blue. GTFO of here.

    No one is doubting we have a common ancestor. They just don't know how we came to evolve how we have. As far as I know the their are a few transitional fossils is still missing. Its all fun and games until the link is found......(Which I fully believe is valid)

    This isn't NCIS bro. This is the origin of EVERYTHING.
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    Research spectrographs.

    Fossils are a rare thing. We're lucky to find any at all. In short, it is entirely expected that these "transitional fossils" will never be found. By studying DNA, we already know what those "transitional fossils" likely looked like. As DNA mapping progresses, we'll eventually be able to image every change in the genetic code from our common ancestor with apes to a modern man.

    The process is the same. Study the facts, attempt to explain them, perform experiments, study the results, and try again if it doesn't match.
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