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Screen tearing question

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by newconroer, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Have noticed this in other programs over the years, though decided to have a deeper look at it now that it's happening in Borderlands 2.

    There are times when Vsync seems to fail, or at least the buffering management isn't at it's finest (most often due to lack of triple buffering).

    These three methods usually give a solution:
    A) D3D overrider
    B) Custom refresh rates (i.e. 59 instead of 60)
    C) Dxtory

    For this game, using D3D override with Vsync on, will give the best results.
    If you happen to alt-tab, the Vsync can get wonky and you have to reapply it either in-game or in D3DO.

    Assuming you did not have D3DO, or Dxtory, for Borderlands 2 the only way lessen the tearing, is to set the frame capper to 22-62 ("Smoothed") or allow it to go higher than 60(e.g. 72, 120 or unlimited).
    I find this curious as allowing the game to run over 60 fps (say 134) would create mismatched frame drawing on my 60hz monitor.
    Additionally, the 'smoothing' engine approach has historically not been favorable as a method - if I had 60fps with the 60fps frame capper, and I have 60 fps with the 'smoothed' option, what is the difference?

    Any thoughts on to what's taking place? Engine specific issue?

    And I have additionally noticed that in windowed mode gaming, there's a stutter effect sometimes. It's random in it's timing. I'll be watching snow pass across the screen smoothly then there is a slight judder and it returns to normal. During this time frame rates stayed the same.
    Could this be in anyway related to the refreshing behind the scenes?
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