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Various questions regarding games/gaming & peripherals

Discussion in 'Games' started by TechnicalFreak, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. First question:
    How do I make a mod in CS:S? What program(s) to use and where do I get them?

    Second question: I have a Thrustmaster TopGun "Afterburner II" joystick. I want to give it an autfire option, by hardware or by software. What is easiest (and most fun..), any cool links about that would be great (or if you, have made any modifications yourself).

    Third question: Has anyone here tried or own the OCZ "NIA" (Neural Interface Actuator?), does it work well if anyone here have tested it?

    Thankful for any replies given.
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    You have to extract the skins in CS:S, then open the skins with a converter in Photoshop, and then resave them as that special format, and then put it in the right folder, not that hard!

  3. h3llb3nd4

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    I love fpsbanana!!
  4. No, I'm not talking about skins.. Mods : Modifications.

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