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voltmod gone bad...

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by munz778, Feb 23, 2007.

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    gfx gone bad - need help

    hi everyone,

    i have a sapphire x800 pro AGP w/ATI silencer pencil modded using the voltmods from this website. everything had been running fully stable for over 1.5 years at 560/560 until i experienced a few minor artifacts under gaming only when the GPU had been under stress for over 30 mins.

    i figured some of the pencil must have worn off...my multimeter showed the vgpu had dropped from 1.65V to 1.64 so first i increased the vGPU to 1.66, left the system on and everything was fine. a few hours later i came back to find the desktop had lots of artifacts (which were also there in the BIOS). i recognized the artifacts as they happened once when my memory voltage was set too high. so i powered off and removed the pencil graphite on the VDD and the VDDQ. i started up the computer and everything seemed fine (the artifacts in bios/vista were gone).

    i had to take the back plate of the ATI Silencer off to take the VDD and VDDQ readings and unfortunately, i was distracted at the time i powered up after removing the graphite from the VDD and the VDDQ. i don't know exactly what happened but before i could even take the VDD and VDDQ readings, the chip labeled "D30" lit up like a christmas tree and smoke started coming out of it shortly after. i quickly turned the power off but it was too late. it's possible that the front plate of the silencer wasn't in full contact with the GPU and it overheated...really i'm not too sure but if anyone knows what the purpose of "D30" is and whether it can be replaced, please let me know.

    after this happened, i tried to power up the system again with everything screwed in properly, the fan would run only for an instant then turn off. the video wouldn't show up at all.

    can this card be repaired without risking further damage to my mobo etc? any help with this or suggestions where i can get more information and detailed PCB diagrams would be most appreciated.

    thank you
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