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What's the difference between the ATi 9600Pro and the 9800SE?

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by TechnicalFreak, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Hi

    I would like to know what's the difference between the ATi 9800SE (R350)
    and the 9600Pro (R96-HD3).

    This is what I know so far:
    9800SE (my card that is), 256Bit, 128Mb ram, 8-Pipelines (4 are "locked" by default).
    AGP 8X. DVI connector and TV-out.

    9600Pro (the other card), 128Bit, 256Mb ram, 4-Pipelines (don't know if there are more).
    AGP 8X, DVI Connector and TV out. It also say "Core speed 400Mhz and memory speed 2x200Mhz".

    I know my card, the 9800SE can be overclocked and use all 8-pipelines making a "9800 Pro"

    Both cards are from Powercolor (verified). And the 9800SE is one of few that when all the 8-pipes are "ON" there are no artifacts..

    But what card is "best" if I would leave the pipelines to "OFF" and not OC the card?

    Thankful for any replies given.
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  3. Thanks, I never knew the difference was that big.. I think I'll stick with my 9800SE and make a "pro". The 128 extra megs is nothing compared to the speed. I tested the 9600Pro today, and compared it to the 9800SE with everything "unlocked" and overklocked - I found the 9800SE card giving me more FPS and it was less "choppy".

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