Eye Se7en Liquid cooled

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Posted: May 28th 2009
Updated: May 28th 2009 - 8:15 AM
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Key Features: Intel CPU NVIDIA VGA NVIDIA SLI Water cooled
System Specs: » core i7 920@3.8Ghz » Zalman Reserator XT ,ZMWB5 block » 12GB corsair Dominator » XFX GTX295 Quad Sli » Asus Rampage II extreme » CM 1250watts psu » HAF932 » Lacie Bluray writer » ASUS DVD writer » ZMFC2 fan controller
Performed Mods: installed 2 thermaltake tri color cathode.. planning to paint my case black from inside soon ..
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I think you ve mesed up with that multi colour CCFL .... just doesnt fit the HAF : S
change it to a red one and now thats a hole lot a different story
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Post some benchmarks!

That is some sick hardware!
I would of gone with 3x gtx 285 IMO
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