Sunday, August 18th 2013

HWBot No Longer Accepts Record Submissions from Windows 8

HWBot announced that it no longer accepts benchmark record submissions from PCs running Windows 8. It discovered that the way Windows 8 handles real-time clock (RTC), compromises the veracity of benchmark results. HWBot announced that is looking into possible solutions for the problem, and till such a time, it won't accept benchmark result submissions from Windows 8 PCs. This decision could affect leaderboards and records set using Windows 8 benches, and could greatly stunt adoption of the operating system among the professional overclocking community. A statement by HWBot reads;
As the result of weekend-time research, the HWBOT staff has decided to invalidate all benchmark records established with the Windows8 operating system. Due to severe validity problems with the Windows8 real time clock ("RTC"), benchmarks results achieved with Windows8 cannot be trusted. The main problem lies with the RTC being affected when over- or underclocking under the operating system. The operating system uses the RTC as reference clock, and benchmarks use it to reference (benchmark) time.
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